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New York Stock Exchange - Ford Motor Co.

One Expert Analyst Is Optimistic About These Car Stocks

The most recent economic recession left some auto companies floundering. Chrysler and GM, two of the Big Three automakers, faced bankruptcy. The situation was so severe the U.S. government stepped in with a Troubled Asset Relief Program to pull these companies back from the brink of insolvency. Nowadays, auto stocks are at an all-time low, …
1993 Ford Bronco

Five Things That Make the 1996 Ford Bronco a True Old-School SUV

The Bronco was one of the original SUVs, creating a class of vehicle which could be used for both transportation and recreation. Ford made a notable portion of their legacy on the Bronco, which was produced every year between 1966 and 1996. The Bronco is making a strong comeback in 2020, however. With engine options …
Ford F-350 diesel truck at the work site

Ford’s 7.3-Liter V8 Is a Low-End Torque Monster

America’s best selling truck will soon have the largest displacement gas-powered V8 engine available in any truck. Ford just announced the new 7.3-liter V8 will be powering Super Duty pickups and commercial vehicles up to their big F-750 Medium Duty trucks and stripped chassis for motorhomes and other aftermarket customers. Features The engine’s compact architecture …
2019 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison off-roading over rocks

Why Every Automaker Should Sell Off-Road Trucks and SUVs

2019 may be the best year yet for off-road fans. These tough trucks and SUVs combine comfy cabins with long-travel suspension for truly great vehicles. Many of them are packing power too with 500 hp or more in many cases. They are selling spectacularly. So why aren’t all automakers selling off-road SUVs and trucks? Popular …
Ford F-150 EV hauling a train

A Closer Look at Ford’s Electric F-150 Prototype Ad

Automakers want to sell cars. That’s not much of a secret. After investing thousands—and in some cases millions—of dollars into a vehicle, it only makes sense that automakers want to earn a profit. That’s how business works, whether it be in the automobile industry or a hot dog stand on a street corner. And when …

Here’s Why the Ford GT MKII Costs $1.2 Million

Engineered independent of race series rules, regulations and limitations, the Ford GT MKII, a limited-edition track only GT, represents the next stage in GT performance.  That’s the first reason for the $1.2-million sticker price.  The second reason may have something to do with the 700 hp 3.5-liter engine, competition-oriented handling, and race-proven aerodynamics.  The GT MKII …
Ford Bronco Teaser

Ford May Build a Bronco-Based Pickup Truck

The hype and excitement that is building around the soon to be released Ford Bronco are getting more real by the day. From what we have seen, they appear to be well placed. It has become an excitement that almost matches the thrill people have for the pickup version of the Jeep Gladiator. Have you …
Ford Bronco Teaser

Ford Will Almost Definitely Build a Bronco Raptor

Ford fans looking for a heavy-duty, powerful, yet fun SUV will be excited to hear the rumors of the new Bronco Raptor said to be released for 2021. We know that there are plans for an upcoming “Baby Bronco,” a smaller version of the traditional Bronco model. But now there are talks of an even …

Ford and Volkswagen Team up to Build Electric Cars

Auto industry experts expect that the rising cost of fuel combined with increased concern about the environment will inspire drivers to take a greater interest in eco-friendly electric cars. This interest in electric cars has inspired many car manufacturers to work extremely hard developing interesting concepts and innovative electric vehicles that they hope will engage …