A side view of the Sea Scape Expedition concept
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Former SEMA Award Winner For Sale

The annual Specialty Equipment Market Association show is a big deal. The SEMA show, as it is commonly called, brings representatives from thousands of automotive aftermarket companies across the nation, and even across the globe. New automotive products and entire product lines are launched at this event. To show some of these new products best, …

Chevy Suburban
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These 5 SUVs Offer the Most Cargo Space

Sports utility vehicles are all about sizing up. Larger SUVs are ideal for big families and of course, carrying heavy-duty items. The ones with the most space are also pretty versatile when it comes to handling bumps and different weather conditions. We are highlighting the top five 2020 SUVs that offer the most cargo space …

White Ford Expedition Platinum Edition
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Consumer Reports: Best 2020 SUVs

Take it or leave it, Consumer Reports is a typically well-trusted source in terms of buying a new car. It compiles consumer reviews as well as road tests. Vehicles are then rated on several different aspects such as efficiency and driving experience to give cars realistic overall scores and reliability ratings. Naturally, CR made a …

2020 Ford Expedition outside in field.
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Why The Ford Expedition Is So Popular?

It seems like it was years ago when the Ford Expedition was cool. In the early 2000s, that’s when they felt really popular until the Chevy Tahoe replaced them. However, now they are making a comeback and getting popular again, but why? What’s so great about the Ford Expedition? Why Is The Ford Expedition So …

Ford F-150 Trucks
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Total Recall, The Ford Horror Story

Ford Motor Company paved the way for vehicles in America with reliable trucks and cars to get from point A to B, however, not all of their innovations have been successful. There have been a few recent major Ford recalls requiring thousands of trucks to be fixed for proper safety on the road. Let’s take …