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Some folks intend to keep any car, truck, or SUV for as long as possible. Driving it until the wheels fall off is a way of life. Even though the longest-lasting used SUV under $20,000 on this list comes from Ford, it is also the only option from the brand. Ford’s commitment to building robust and durable sport utility vehicles is evident in this SUV’s construction.

What’s the longest-lasting used SUV under $20,000?

As always, iSeeCars analyzed millions of vehicles to find some of the longest-lasting used SUVs. With a budget of $20,000, the 2013 Ford Expedition checked all the boxes. It was at the top of the list for vehicles that might hit 200,000 miles easily. The 2013 Expedition has a 5.2% chance of hitting that high mileage, which is much higher than the 0.9% average for all SUVs.

Ford’s full-size Expedition has three rows of space and comes with a powerful V8 engine. This engine is known for being durable and long-lasting, making it a reliable choice. Since the Expedition is so long and spacious, it offers versatile cargo space with the rows folded.

The average cost of a 2013 Ford Expedition is $16,685, but many options come in under budget. Those who drive an average amount per year can easily get 15 years out of a vehicle. Whether it’s tackling rugged terrains or providing comfort for the daily commute, the Ford Expedition’s durability and longevity make it a standout choice in the used SUV market.

Chevrolet had some of the longest-lasting used SUVs

Following the Ford Expedition, the 2013 Chevrolet Suburban also made the list of the longest-lasting used SUVs under $20,000. This SUV has a 4.9% chance of hitting 200,000 miles, landing it in second place overall. Chevrolet has been producing full-size SUVs like the Suburban for a long time. Thanks to this long history, the automaker has discovered the secret formula for creating durable vehicles.

This SUV also has seating for up to nine and some modern safety features shoppers want, even for a 2013. A 2013 Chevrolet Suburban has an average cost of $17,996.

SUV% 200K MilesAverage Used Car Price
2013 Ford Expedition5.2%$16,685
2013 Chevrolet Suburban4.9%$17,996
2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrid4.2%$18,896
2013 GMC Yukon XL4.1%$18,451
2013 Chevrolet Tahoe4.1%$19,072
2013 GMC Yukon3.2%$19,518
2013 Lincoln Navigator2.6%$17,693
2015 Honda Pilot2.4%$19,133
2013 Acura MDX1.6%$16,147
2013 Toyota Highlander1.3%$16,640
Average for All SUVs0.9%N/A
The longest-lasting used SUVs | iSeeCars

The 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe wasn’t far behind, either. This used SUV has plenty of space and a V8 engine to power it around town. Plus, the 2013 Tahoe has a 4.1% chance of hitting that high mileage.

Toyota’s Highlander Hybrid can hit 200,000 miles easily

Among the top 10 longest-lasting used SUVs, one of the outliers is the 2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Landing in the third spot, the Highlander Hybrid has a 4.2% chance of hitting 200,000 miles. Toyota SUVs have a long history of dependability, and the Highlander is one of the best-sellers in the midsize SUV segment. It still has three rows of seats and comes in under $20,000.

The non-hybrid 2013 Toyota Highlander also made it on the list, with a 1.3% chance of hitting 200,000 miles. That’s still higher than the 0.9% average. While there are many good Toyota SUVs for long-term ownership, most of them remain over the $20,000 budget. This brand is known for value retention, meaning shoppers usually pay more for a more reliable vehicle.

Regular maintenance and servicing and continuous improvement in engineering and manufacturing ensure that these remain dependable even after years of use. That is why Toyota, Ford, and Chevrolet stay on the list of longest-lasting used SUVs after so many years.