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The Mid-Engine Corvette Reveal Nearly Broke Chevrolet’s Website

Ever since Chevrolet announced their intention to manufacture a mid-engine Corvette, fans have clamored for more information. The slightest rumor about the vehicle sends ripples of excitement through the internet’s automotive community, so Roadshow’s report that the mid-engine Corvette reveal nearly broke Chevrolet’s website surprised no one. The reveal As July 18, 2019 approached, Corvette …


A Blazing Mess For Chevy’s New Blazer

There are a lot of people upset about the new Chevy Blazer. But for wildly different reasons. Some say it’s another example of GM squandering an iconic brand by labeling a weak-sauce crossover as “Blazer”. Many were hoping Chevy would take the brand seriously—as seriously as Ford takes the Bronco brand. They wanted to see …


Here’s How Chevrolet Kept the Price of the Mid-Engine Corvette Under $60,000

The car community was waiting on pins and needles for the recent reveal of Chevrolet’s new Corvette. While most were expecting the quality and features that Chevy delivered, the Corvette‘s price tag sent Corvette fans everywhere reeling. Instead of the outrageous price you’d expect from a mid-engine supercar, Chevrolet unveiled an impressive, barely believable, starting …