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MotorBiscuit Corrections, Updates, and Sourcing Policy

At MotorBiscuit, our goal is to cover automotive news in the most accurate and insightful way possible. We cover car news, culture, and informative automotive angles to both add to and spark conversation, but we strive to produce truthful and precise reporting.


Prior to publishing a story, our editors seek to confirm, from numerous credible sources, that the information they have obtained is factual. However, there are instances when corrections or updates need to be made. If an update or correction is warranted after a post’s initial publication, our team will amend the content and headline so the reader is aware of the change.

To request a correction on a piece of content, send us an email at A member of our editorial team will review and verify the claim prior to making any edits to the post in question.


We always prefer to attribute information directly to its original source. If we aggregate content from another publication or social media platform, we make sure we give proper credit within our post. When the case calls for it, we will attribute and credit multiple sources to fit the various angles and reports on any given news. Our editorial team understands the importance of accuracy and they use their best judgment to only gather information from trusted and reputable sources.


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