A brown 2021 Toyota Sienna Platinum
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How Many Miles Will the Toyota Sienna Last?

Toyota is a benchmark for reliability in the automotive industry. The Toyota Sienna minivan is a practical choice for a variety of reasons, but especially for families. But how many miles will a Toyota Sienna last? In the video above, the 2002 Sienna has over 300,000 miles on it. It’s not had any major repairs. …

A photo of the 2021 Honda Odyssey outdoors.
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What’s So Great About Minivans?

Some drivers swear they’ll never own a minivan. Conversely, there are plenty of families out there that swear by their van. Models like the Honda Odyssey, Chrysler Pacifica, and Toyota Sienna continue to improve year over year. But what’s so great about minivans? First off, I’ll start by saying that I am definitely one of …

The 2021 Toyota Sienna Limited trim parked in the desert
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The 2021 Toyota Sienna Is Faster Than This Ferrari

The arrival of the 2021 Toyota Sienna marks a massive leap forward for the model. In an attempt to spice up the minivan, the Sienna gets a premium cabin, heaps of tech, and even a sharpened aesthetic. For 2021, the Toyota comes exclusively with a hybrid powertrain, boasting excellent efficiency figures. Despite this, the fuel-efficient …

2019 Toyota RAV4
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Some 2020 Toyota Models are Less Reliable Than Others

Reliability is the primary calling card for this Japanese car company. In fact, there’s a good chance that if you are shopping for 2020 Toyota models, one of the main reasons you’ve chosen this brand is because it’s commonly considered to be one of the most reliable. Some 2020 Toyota models are less reliable than …

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Is the 2021 Toyota Sienna Secretly the Best New SUV?

Let’s face it. The 2021 Toyota Sienna isn’t exactly the most exciting vehicle out there. In fact, minivans overall have been struggling as SUVs become infinitely popular. Today we’ll be looking at the 2021 Sienna and how its main improvements could actually make it a better buy than a comparable SUV. According to Car and …

2020 Toyota Sienna Nightshade
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The 2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Has a Disappointing Shortcoming

Today’s soccer mom has traded her minivan keys for an SUV. The smaller, more economical crossover has become more appealing, and its sales dominate the market. The automaker isn’t giving up just yet, though. The all-new 2021 Toyota Sienna minivan has been reconfigured and will boast a hybrid-only powertrain. It’s one of only two gas-electric hybrid minivans …

The 2017 Toyota Sienna minivan is seen during the 2017 North American International Auto Show
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The 2017 Toyota Sienna May Seem Flawed But It’s Honorable

Critics raved about the 2017 Toyota Sienna when it was new. The 2017 Sienna distinguished itself from class rivals with its deluxe cabin and available all-wheel-drive. But at the same time, the recalls associated with this model make it seem less appealing. They don’t necessarily have to be deal-breakers, though.  2017 Toyota Sienna performance  The 2017 Sienna’s powertrain is …

A photo of the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica outdoors.
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Here’s Why People Don’t Buy Minivans Anymore

It is no secret that SUVs have become increasingly popular in the U.S. auto market. However, as sales for SUVs rise, sales for other segments begin to shrivel up. Today we’re looking at some of the reasons why buyers are repeatedly choosing to buy SUVs over minivans. As SUVs rise, minivans fall According to CarSalesBase, …

A photo of the Toyota Sienna outdoors.
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The 2021 Toyota Sienna Has 1 Major Flaw

Let’s face it, the minivan craze is over, and the segment is quickly shriveling up. However, segment favorites like the Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey continuously receive major updates. For 2021, Toyota gave the Sienna a sporty new look, a hybrid powertrain, and a ton of standard safety features. However, in the pursuit of making …

2020 Kia Sedona is on display at the 112th Annual Chicago Auto Show
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These Safe Minivans Could Save Your Family Thousands

Minivans are famed family haulers. They have been carting American families around for decades. Not everyone likes their look, but you can’t argue with the phenomenal functionality of this segment. Sometimes, it’s nice to go back a few model years to buy a nice used minivan. For many families that are car-shopping for their next …

burgundy 2020 Honda Odyssey driving along a shoreside roadway
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Can You Guess the Best Base Model 2020 Minivan?

There is a multitude of minivans on the market. Not an overwhelming list like that of the SUV and crossover SUV segments, which never cease in growing popularity. However, there are enough new minivans out there––such as the Honda Odyssey or the Kia Sedona––to make the choice a little complicated. Many minivan shoppers may wonder …

a silver Honda Odyssey driving near the shore. It's a great choice for a used minivan
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Best Used Minivans to Buy in 2020

Minivans are easily the most practical, most family-friendly vehicles on the market. But the price of a new minivan isn’t exactly what most families have in mind when they are searching for their next car. There are a lot of second or third hand minivans out there that still have plenty of life left. What …

a red 2021 Sienna minivan in a desert landscape
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2020 Minivans Worth Your Attention

While SUVs have become more and more popular as family vehicles, nothing quite beats the spaciousness of having a minivan. Once old and outdated, new vans can have just as much luxury as any SUV or sedan, and they are still competitors in the market. To many people, a van might always be your standard …

2020 Toyota Sienna SE Premium AWD

Honda Odyssey VS Toyota Sienna: Which Minivan is Better?

We’ve got a battle of the minivans today. The Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna seem to be the most rockin’ vans for families, but which option is best? Each van has its pros and cons, so let’s see which option is the best for you.  Toyota Sienna VS Honda Odyssey  You can get started in …

A brand new white Toyota Sienna on display
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Top Safety Pick Minivan of 2010

Minivans like the Toyota Sienna and the Chrysler Pacifica are great family cars. They are some of the leading choices when it comes to finding a trustworthy family carrier. They boast a reputation for safety and practicality. But prices can get so expensive, and a used 2010 or 2011 minivan becomes a more appealing option …

black on black Toyota Sienna driving in a neighborhood
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The 2020 Toyota Sienna Isn’t One of the Safest Minivans

The International Institute for Highway Safety rated the 2020 safest minivans according to the results several different tests. Numerous crash tests are performed. Additionally, LATCH system tests are done and headlight ratings given. Despite the Toyota Sienna’s reputation, it didn’t make it into the top 3––or even 4––rated minivans for 2020 IIHS safety. The 2020 …

2020 Toyota Sienna SE Premium AWD
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Best Road Trip Cars: Toyota Sienna

Lots of parents don’t want to accept the defeat associated with picking a minivan as their next family-friendly vehicle. But on the flip side, kids love them. A minivan’s large size almost makes it feel like a spaceship to young children. My parents got a Toyota Sienna when I was a kid and my siblings …

white 2021 Sienna minivan diving on a dirt road
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Wisely and Slow the Minivan Doth Go

Back in the 1980s, Chrysler wasn’t doing so hot. Enter the first American minivan. In 1983 the Dodge Caravan and the Plymouth Voyager “transformed mobility for the suburban American family,” according to Business Insider. The minivan quickly became a nationwide family favorite. Even though they’ve taken a luxurious stowable back seat to crossover SUVs as …

white 2021 Sienna minivan diving on a dirt road
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2021 Minivans: Which Will Be the Better Hybrid?

So far in 2020, we know that 2021 minivans are moving in the hybrid direction. There will be two hybrid options for buyers seeking alternatives to a regular gasoline engine. A Toyota minivan and a Chrysler minivan are going to have to battle it out to see which one is the best. But until we …

2020 Toyota Sienna SE Premium AWD
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Is the Toyota Sienna the Most Reliable Minivan?

As far as 2020 minivans go, there is a pretty good group to choose from. Modern minivans offer the finest creature comforts with state of the art technology, entertainment systems, and cool features like vacuums and luxurious reclining seats. There’s no denying that minivans have seriously upped their game in recent models. But which 2020 …

2020 Toyota Sienna parked outside of a house on the driveway

The Toyota Sienna Is the Most Reliable Used Minivan You Shouldn’t Ignore

Today there aren’t as many minivans remaining on the market as there once were.  Still, the latest models offer car-like handling, feature advanced technologies, and feature the best safety equipment. Minivans may be a smarter choice for you than a crossover because they have more seats and cargo capacity. Purchasing a reliable used model is …