2021 Nissan Armada parked
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The 2021 Nissan Armada Starts at $48,500 But Is It Overpriced?

The 2021 Nissan Armada just hit dealerships and it’s arrived to the new model year with a higher price tag than previous model years. But is its higher price tag actually justifiable? Or is this year’s new Nissan Armada just another overpriced SUV? How much does the 2021 Nissan Armada cost? There’s no beating around …

A blue 2020 Nissan Pathfinder driving down snowy road

Nissan Pathfinder vs. Nissan Armada: The Choice For You Is as Obvious as It Seems

If you’re a Nissan fan with a large flock, there are two clear options. There’s the  Nissan Pathfinder and the Nissan Armada. And fortunately, deciding between these two SUVs is relatively simple. The Pathfinder and the Armada have distinct capabilities  Generally speaking, the Pathfinder and the Armada earns points as comfortable cruisers. They also receive some of the same criticisms. …

The new Midnight Edition Package, available on Nissan Armada SL, includes black exterior logos, black painted mirrors (heated, power adjust and fold, auto-dimming, reverse linked with puddle lights and LED turn signals), black painted roof rails, rear LED lamps with black paint finisher, black painted grille, and black painted front and rear skid plates.
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The Best-Looking 2021 Nissan Armada Isn’t the Most Expensive

The 2021 Nissan Armada is receiving some bold updates for the new model year. The complete refresh of the full-size SUV will have new exterior features that create an aggressive and luxury-defining stature. The interior of the Armada also got a much-needed update, staying in direct competition with the Infiniti QX80. There are three trim levels for the enormous new 2021 Nissan …

2021 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71 and Suburban High Country

Most Large SUVs Aren’t That Reliable According to Consumer Reports

Out of all the vehicle classes, you could say that large SUVs present the most capabilities and weaknesses. The highlights are that large SUVs have the most power and space. However, they’re gas guzzlers and can be challenging to maneuver. And as you shop around, you’ll see that many full-size SUVs have unimpressive reliability ratings. Consumer Reports updates its list …

An image of the 2021 Nissan Armada off-roading outdoors.
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The 2021 Nissan Armada Is Still Missing a Vital Feature

The 2021 Nissan Armada got some refreshing updates. In fact, people who love this large family SUV are likely happy to discover that it didn’t lose its naturally aspirated V8 engine. In addition, the new Nissan Armada gets more power than its previous model. But this three-row Nissan SUV is still missing a vital feature. …

A red 2021 Nissan Armada off-road.
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Can the 2021 Nissan Armada Compete With Rivals?

Typically, it feels like the Nissan Armada is on the sidelines. Why bring one into play when the Chevy Tahoe and Ford Expedition are running the game? Well, the 2021 Nissan Armada may come with a few valuable updates to prove its worth.  What to expect with the 2021 Nissan Armada  The new Nissan Armada …

A red 2021 Nissan Armada off-road.
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The 2021 Nissan Armada Arrives as a Massive Leap Forward

For years the Nissan Armada has sat on top of the brand’s U.S. lineup as the largest, most powerful, and highly capable SUV. Despite this, it has never been one of the best sellers in its segment. Thankfully, the 2021 Armada just received some major improvements, which should help change that. According to Nissan, the …

A teaser image of the 2021 Nissan Armada driving through the desert.
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Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Enormous 2021 Nissan Armada

The current-generation Nissan Armada is one of the largest vehicles for sale by the brand alongside the Titan pickup truck. Like the small Kicks crossover, the Armada will receive a major refresh on December 8th. Although details are hard to come by, Nissan launched a teaser video showing off the redesigned front-end. Thankfully the short …

2020 Hyundai Palisade
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2020 Hyundai Palisade vs. Nissan Armada: Is It Even Fair to Compare?

All-new SUVs like the Hyundai Palisade have become extremely popular with critics and consumers. The Palisade has easily outshined more senior three-row SUVs, including the 2020 Nissan Armada. Both the Palisade and Armada are accommodating, family-friendly SUVs, but they offer different experiences. It’s almost not even fair to compare the two.  The Nissan Armada is bigger and more …

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The Nissan Armada Isn’t the Worst Three-Row SUV

We know that there are some terrible three-row SUVs out there that should be avoided, but the Nissan Armada isn’t one of them. The 2020 Nissan Armada has plenty of positive features to battle against rivals.  Is the 2020 Nissan Armada a good SUV?  Yes, the 2020 Nissan Armada is a good SUV that shows …

A gray 2020 Nissan Armada parked near the desert with a family and dog.
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Skip the Nissan Armada, Buy the Ford Expedition Instead

A full-size SUV is an excellent option for large families, and buying a bigger vehicle doesn’t have to mean you’re breaking your budget. There are only a handful of affordable options for purchasing a full-sized SUV that offers third-row seating, and some of them are better than others. Nissan isn’t a luxury brand, but it’s …

2019 Nissan Armada
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Is the Nissan Armada Really That Bad?

Before you commit to the 2020 Nissan Armada, it’s recommended that you check out other options like the Chevy Tahoe or Toyota Sequoia first. While the Nissan Armada is a fine SUV, that’s precisely the problem. It’s just OK compared to great rivals. Is the Nissan Armada a good SUV?  The Nissan Armada is proving …

2019 Nissan Armada is on display at the 111th Annual Chicago Auto Show
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How Safe Is the Nissan Armada?

Safety is a top priority for drivers, so carmakers are on a constant quest to make their vehicles safer. According to U.S. News, the Nissan Armada is packed with safety features. However, the 2020 Nissan Armada hasn’t been fully tested for safety yet by the IIHS, and the NHTSA only gave it four out of …

2019 Nissan Armada is on display at the 111th Annual Chicago Auto Show
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Earlier Nissan Armada Years Had Troubling Brake Issues

In 2004, Nissan launched a full-size SUV called the Armada. The automaker wanted to make a bold statement that its new SUV wasn’t a converted car. No, it shared a platform with the brand’s popular Titan truck. The first generation of the Armada had three rows and a lot of great features, including a tow …

2020 Chevrolet Tahoe

How Much Better is the Chevy Tahoe Over the Nissan Armada?

The Chevy Tahoe is consistently hailed as one of the best large SUVs you can buy. It’s true that the Tahoe is a standout in its class but there are other options worth considering like the Nissan Armada. The Armada may not be as popular as the Tahoe, but its sleek exterior and performance capability …

2020 Nissan Armada parked outside
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The Nissan Armada Is The Underdog Of The Best SUVs

The Nissan Armada is a three-row SUV that’s often left on the back burner compared to more popular options like the Chevy Tahoe. But we would like to know why the Nissan Armada is stuck in the background, so let’s see what it can do. What’s Wrong With The Nissan Armada? Wow, the Nissan Armada …

2020 Toyota 4Runner TRD Off-Road Premium
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Best Third Row SUVs for an Adventurous Family

There are plenty of SUVs out there that can give you the freedom of off-road exploration. Not all of them have a third row, though, so they aren’t all large enough for adventurous families larger than 4 or 5 people. The third row SUV is the ultimate family vehicle. Give it off-roading capabilities and it’s …

A blue 2020 Nissan Kicks parked in front of a nice home.
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Take A Look At Some Of The Best Nissan SUVs

From big to small, Nissan has multiple SUVs to choose from. With so many options available, it can be challenging to keep up with them all. That’s why we put a list of a few reliable options together. Check out what makes these great Nissan SUV options.  The Best Nissan SUVs  Nissan Kicks  The Nissan …

Nissan New CEO Press Conference

What Does Nissan Need to Change to Become Competitive?

Understatement of the year, but Nissan’s not feeling so hot right now. Beyond the scandals surrounding the former CEO, the automaker’s sales have slumped, and popular models like the Frontier, Pathfinder, and Armada struggle to stay competitive. Even the Titan full-size pickup truck is having a tough time. Nissan’s newest CEO, Makoto Uchida, recently came …

Nissan Patrol
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The Incredible History of the Nissan Patrol

When people in the US think of iconic off-road SUVs, they tend to picture the Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser, Willys Jeep, or Ford Bronco. Those ‘in-the-know’ may also include the Land Rover Defender or even Mitsubishi Montero. But if you asked someone overseas, especially in Australia, to make such a list, there’d be one more …