A white JDM 2021 Honda Odyssey with Mugen parts
Crossover & Midsize

Mugen Makes the Honda Odyssey Look (and Stop) Sharp

As impressive as the 2021 Odyssey is, the Honda minivan still faces a criticism leveled at all minivans: styling. Hence why the 2021 model received a mild redesign meant to deliver a ‘macho’ look. But if that’s still not enough, famed Honda tuner Mugen has stepped up to the challenge. Mugen has an extensive history …

A chartreuse 2021 Subaru Crosstrek Sport Hero travels on a wet paved road along a guardrail and trees

The Most Reliable Subcompact SUVs According to Consumer Reports

Subcompact SUVs are basically the new sedans. Like sedans, tiny crossovers are easy to maneuver, but they can also provide you with extra capabilities. To help you determine the best option for you, we’ve gathered a list of the most reliable 2021 subcompact SUVs. The tiny SUVs on the list received the most favorable ratings from Consumer Reports. CR …

A red 2021 Nissan Rogue compact SUV on display

The New Nissan Rogue Is Gunning for the Honda CR-V

 The Nissan Rogue has always been popular but at the same level as the Honda CR-V. For years, the CR-V has outshined the Rogue in terms of performance and utility. But the completely redesigned 2021 Rogue could change things.  The new Rogue can better compete with the CR-V Honda’s CR-V earned a few impressive awards last year. The …

2021 Honda Accord Sport 2.0T being driven
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5 of the Most Car-Seat Friendly New Cars

Shopping for a compact car or sedan can be tough when you have little ones to transport. You have to make sure the car has enough head- and legroom, enough cupholders and storage, and, most importantly, the right safety equipment to keep everyone safe in case the worst should happen. Fortunately, Carmax took some of …

2017 Honda Odyssey is on display at the 109th Annual Chicago Auto Show
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‘Macho’ Van: The 2021 Honda Odyssey Gets Manlier?

Minivans aren’t generally known for their rugged or aggressive styling. Arriving in 1984 with the Dodge Caravan, the minivan quickly developed an uncool “soccer mom” reputation, according to USA Today. The 2021 Honda Odyssey has inched in a more macho direction though. Here’s a look at the “manlier” 2021 Honda Odyssey. The new look of …

A silver 2021 Honda HR-V EX-L drives on an ocean-side road
Crossover & Midsize

Why Did Honda Just Kill The 2021 HR-V?

Honda just killed the HR-V in the UK and word has it that it will also begin killing it throughout Europe. Will the US be far behind? Maybe, but there is a reason the 2021 HR-V is being removed from Honda’s product portfolio. Why did Honda just kill the HR-V? A new model of the …

The 2017 Honda CR-V on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show

2017 Honda CR-V vs. 2017 Mazda CX-5: Which Used SUV Is More Impressive?

If you’re looking for a deal on a small SUV with modern features, it makes sense to shop for four or five-year-old models. And as you do your research, you’ll see that the 2017 model year was huge for the Honda CR-V and the Mazda CX-5. Both of these SUVs initially impressed critics, but for different reasons. Which …

2021 Honda Passport driving in the desert
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The Least Reliable Honda Vehicles

Most Hondas have excellent performance and reliability ratings. The HR-V and the CR-V  are exceptional, and so are its super eco-friendly sedans. But there are two models in Honda’s current lineup that are below par.  The 2021 Passport is the least reliable Honda  Honda brought back the Passport in 2019 after a 17-year hiatus. This Honda SUV is sandwiched between …

Trucks & SUVs

2021 Honda Ridgeline Pickup Gets Updates And Refresh

The Honda Ridgeline pickup seems like it just got a new design but time flies and Honda feels it’s time for a refresh. The 2021 Ridgeline will get updates along with a refresh to the fascia, but still keeping what makes a Ridgeline a Ridgeline. And what mostly makes it a Ridgeline is that it …

The 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe is the brand's newest SUV.
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The Hyundai Santa Fe is More Satisfying Than the Honda Passport

The 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe and 2020 Honda Passport are both excellent midsize SUVs. However, it could be difficult to choose between them. That’s why Consumer Reports can help, and they suggest that the Hyundai Santa Fe makes drivers happier.  Consumer Reports recommends the Hyundai Santa Fe over the Passport  According to Consumer Reports, the …

Ford F-150 trucks go through the assembly line at the Ford Dearborn Truck Plant
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Production Has Stopped On Dodge Charger, Challenger

Production has stopped on Dodge Chargers and Challengers due to a semiconductor shortage. And Dodge isn’t the only one having to halt production. The halting of car production has affected many auto manufacturers worldwide.  The reason that manufacturers are running out of computer chips and semiconductors is because of the demand for electronics faster than …

The 2022 Ford Maverick might be a rip
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The 2022 Ford Maverick is Borrowing From the Escape

Yeehaw, more information about the 2022 Ford Maverick is coming out, and it has us all excited! We just can’t hide it! That’s why we will share all the new facts with you. For example, the Ford Maverick is borrowing components from the Ford Escape.  The 2022 Ford Maverick borrows from the Ford Escape  At …

A white-and-red 2021 Honda CB1300 Super Four
2 Wheels

The 2021 Honda CB1300 Bikes Are Future JDM Collectibles

Just like with cars, circumstances sometimes keep bikes region-bound. The Suzuki Hayabusa, for example, is no longer sold outside the US due to emissions regulations. But the US motorcycle community misses out on models, too. Neither the Czech- nor the Indian-made Jawas are sold here, for instance. And sadly, it seems neither the 2021 Honda …

A grey 2021 Honda CR-V driving down a road

2021 Honda CR-V vs. Volkswagen Tiguan: The Better Pick for You Is Simple

If you’re after a vehicle with extra capabilities that’s still relatively small, you’ll want a compact SUV. And out of the models in this segment, the Honda CR-V and the Volkswagen Tiguan are among the roomiest. While they exhibit entirely different styles, the 2021 CR-V and 2021 Tiguan share similar performance qualities. Still, choosing between the two is simple. What …

A Honda logo is pictured on a displayed car at a Honda showroom of company headquarters in Tokyo on November 6, 2020.
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Honda Doesn’t Think You Should Sue It Over These Safety Issues

Honda might believe that the technology in the Honda Sensing suite of safety features in its new vehicles is great and that it will ultimately lead to a collision-free future. But some 2017 Honda CR-Vs owners aren’t convinced. When the automaker allegedly failed to fix issues drivers encountered with the emergency braking system, they filed a class-action lawsuit. But …