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Both the 2024 Honda CR-V and the new Nissan Rogue are among the best small SUVs. However, despite growing in popularity, the CR-V is still outselling the Nissan SUV. Of course, this also happened in 2023 with the Nissan Rogue and the Honda CR-V. One has a better reputation, but there may be other reasons why the longer-running Honda is still more popular. 

The 2024 Honda CR-V is one of the best small SUVs for interior space

According to Good Car Bad Car, the 2024 Nissan Rogue has already sold an impressive 90,805 units this year. However, the CR-V has done a little better, as 95,083 people have bought the SUV so far this year. 

One undeniable reason why the 2024 Honda CR-V is slightly more popular than the Nissan Rogue is that it’s more spacious. In particular, this is one of the best small SUVs for cargo storage. However, this distinction extends to the rest of the SUV’s interior. This makes the CR-V an attractive choice for all sorts of buyers. 

The 2023 and 2024 Honda CR-V models are solid
2024 Honda CR-V | Honda

The 2024 Honda CR-V allows up to 75.6 cubic feet of cargo storage, whereas the Nissan Rogue can accommodate up to 74.1. This isn’t a drastic difference, but every bit of additional space counts. 

This shows that perhaps more buyers care about cargo capacity than interior technology, as the Nissan Rogue comes out on top. It has an eight-inch touchscreen, but a 12.3-inch unit exists on higher trims. Regarding the 2024 Honda CR-V, it has a standard seven-inch screen, but higher trims have a nine-inch display. 

Buyers should note that the 2023 Honda CR-V and Nissan Rogue models have similar interior features. In a nutshell, the Rogue is the more modern of the two regarding interior features, whereas the CR-V is more practical.

The 2024 Nissan Rogue is perceived as being less reliable

The Honda CR-V has the reputation of being one of the best small SUVs for reliability. It lives up to this reputation, and so does the 2024 Nissan Rogue. In fact, the Rogue edges out the CR-V by some rankings in this area. J.D Power gave it an 83 out of 100 for reliability, but the 2024 CR-V only has an 80, which the marketing research firm considers ‘average.’

Overall, the 2024 Nissan Rogue has an 83 out of 100, and the Honda CR-V came out with one point lower. Still, Honda has a reputation for being more reliable because Nissan has struggled over the years with significant components such as its continuously variable transmissions. Despite the growth, fewer people are willing to give a Nissan a chance over a celebrated Honda. 

Of course, both SUVs are similarly priced, as the CR-V starts at $29,500, and the Rogue has an MSRP of $28,320. It’s also notable that even just a few years ago, there was a much more significant disparity between the sales of these two SUVs. Additionally, many buyers like that the Honda has a hybrid option, which is still missing from the Rogue.