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El Camino to Return From Tesla

Since the launch of the Tesla Cybertruck, Elon Musk, the head of Tesla, has had people working on making it into a smaller package so that it could fit into the average garage. This adjustment involves shrinking as much as 5% of the Cybertruck’s presence. Over the weekend, he changed his mind. In a tweet, he …

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Can You DIY a Tesla Cybertruck?

It has been said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. While the popular Tesla Cybertruck has not wholly been duplicated, it is often imitated. If you’ve ever wondered just how long it would take you to DIY your version of a Cybertruck, these two unique builds might offer some insight and inspiration.  Many …

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Is the Tesla Cybertruck a Family Car?

Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck last year. They sold reservations to people across the country and created some pretty major hype. It has been a source of excitement and controversy ever since. As the first fully electric pickup truck on the market, Tesla claims that the Cybertruck is ready to take on the beloved Ford F-150. …

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Are These Electric Truck Features Actually Useful, or Just Gimmicks?

It’s easy, with how today’s media consumption, for an automaker to market any feature as something ground-breaking. Especially with electric pickup trucks, a segment where manufacturers need to differentiate themselves. Some, like Bollinger, let the truck’s capability and design do the talking. Others, such as Tesla, can sometimes lean on sensationalist methods. Is setting up …

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Supercapacitors May Revolutionize the Electric Truck, but Are They Ready for Production?

Electric pickup trucks like the Telsa Cybertruck, Bollinger B2, and Rivian R1T are just around the corner. But while they may be almost production-ready, potential buyers may hesitate over range and recharge time. Especially when towing gets involved. Hydrogen technology could help, but it comes with its own problems. However, there may be a different …

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Does the Latest Tesla Model 3 Performance Update Preview a Faster Cybertruck?

Although Tesla’s over-the-air updates have occasionally caused problems, they’ve also been a fundamental benefit for the EV manufacturer. Where updating something like a Ford F-150 can take months or years just to plan, Tesla can implement changes essentially overnight. And some of these changes can be dramatic. The already-quick Model 3 recently received a free …

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Here’s the Deal With the Tesla Cybertruck’s Windows

Tesla’s electric pickup truck, the Cybertruck, certainly hasn’t had a quiet introduction. Its design has invited several interesting comparisons and critiques, as have several of its features. Especially the Cybertruck’s supposedly ‘bulletproof’ windows, which broke twice during on-stage demonstrations with thrown steel balls. Elon Musk may have quipped it away, but he may have feared …

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People Can’t Stop Comparing Tesla’s Cybertruck to the Most Ridiculous Things

We finally know what the real, production-spec Tesla electric pickup looks like. After many renders and much speculation, last night Elon Musk showed the Tesla Cybertruck on-stage to the whole world. And the reactions were…interesting. Not because of the specs, but the looks. The Cybertruck’s design has been polarizing, to say the least. Musk promised …