A silver Tesla Cybertruck driving on a highway with a mountain behind it.
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The Tesla Cybertruck is known for its futuristic and angular exterior esthetics. It is different than any model out there. The model is not only supposed to look futuristic on the outside but the inside as well. While it has been delayed several times, it is set to be released in 2022 as a fully electric truck. While Telsa is encouraging it to be a work truck. Its futuristic design may scream otherwise. It has all the utilities one would find in a truck but all the performance found in a sports car.

The truck seems like something right out of a sci-fi movie with many futuristic technological advancements and designs, such as the body composition of the car. It is said to be impenetrable to help decrease the chance of damages done to the truck. While there is a lot of controversy around the design and some features in the model that some deem unnecessary, there is no denying that the truck is one of the most anticipated releases.

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  • 2022 Tesla Cybertruck (Starting MSRP not released)
  • Pro: The model is futuristic with a lot of revolutionary technology. 
  • Con: Many don’t like the look of the truck and feel it is not practical. 
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