Customers watch a Model X vehicle at a Tesla flagship store
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How Much Does a 2021 Tesla Model X Cost?

The 2021 Tesla Model X belongs to the midsize all-electric crossover segment—one of the fastest-growing automotive segments today. A set of rear passenger falcon-wing doors is a characteristic that definitely sets it apart from other crossovers. But there is a lot more to this unique crossover that makes it special. Developed from the Model S …

A black Tesla Model X with the falcon-wing doors open is on display in the new Tesla Service Center
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Don’t Forget the 2021 Tesla Model X Is Changing Too

With all the attention landing on the 2021 Tesla Model S these days, consumers could be overlooking some drastic changes with another Tesla family member. The 2021 Tesla Model X is changing too. And if you’re looking for the EV SUV capable of seating seven, you’ll definitely want to see what’s new this year for …

A Model X vehicle is seen at a Tesla flagship store
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Every 2021 Tesla Model Aced Consumer Reports Road Test

As one of the most innovative car companies, Tesla continues to impress with its 2021 lineup. The new model year proves why Tesla is quickly becoming known for building cars super fun to drive. The four 2021 models Consumer Reports road-tested all performed with very good scores. Let’s breakdown how each of the 2021 Tesla …

People look at a Tesla Model Y car at a Tesla showroom in Beijing on January 5, 2021
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Can You Lease a Tesla?

Whether you love or hate Tesla, there’s no denying the fact that it develops some of the coolest electric vehicles in the industry. These vehicles are also some of the most expensive. This means the prestige of owning a Tesla might be out of the question for some consumers.  There are other options for getting …

A black custom T Sportline Model X T Largo Edition. Number 13 of 20
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Tesla Stops Production of the Model S and Model X

Oh no, the Tesla Model S and Model X continue to struggle. Tesla is officially halting production for the Model X and the Model S for 18 days. This is a full-fledged production shutdown despite having plenty of demand for electric cars.  Tesla stops Model S and Model X production  According to Engadget, Tesla will …

An image of a Tesla Model X parked outdoors.
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Recall Alert: Your Tesla Model X’s Roof Could Fly Off

Tesla has been going through a rough time as of late. Less than a weak ago, Consumer Reports announced that the Model S had lost its official recommendation due to poor reliability. To add insult to injury, the Model S could potentially be recalled over faulty screens. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced …

A desert tan T Sportline Model X T Largo Edition
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Here’s How To Steal A Tesla In 2 Minutes

You know those over-the-air upgrades that Tesla can do? Well, there is good news and bad news about that. Tesla uses the Bluetooth connection for changing the codes to add features and fix glitches. But it is just as easy for a hacker to rewrite firmware with that Bluetooth connection. They can steal the unlock …

A Tesla Model S electric car is on display during 2020 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition
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The Tesla Model S Still Has Tech Issues

Oh no, the Tesla Model S and Model X are having a few dangerous technical issues. How can this be when Tesla is supposed to be providing robot vehicles of the future? Tesla Models from March 2018 and before are actually having so many problems that the Model S just got dropped by Consumer Reports!  …

A photo of the BMW iX out on the road.
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Can the All-Electric BMW iX Dethrone the Tesla Model X?

The world of six-figure electric SUVs grows by one with the debut of the BMW iX. Like most other luxury carmakers, BMW opted to create a flagship EV rather than an affordable option. However, the iX will have to dethrone the current segment favorite, the Tesla Model X. For starters, things look promising on paper. …

A black custom T Sportline Model X T Largo Edition. Number 13 of 20
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Tesla Tuning Shop Creates Exclusive Custom Model X

There is a desire amongst many drivers to personalize their vehicles. They prefer to have their ride more in keeping with the personal character. For example, some drivers may be more outgoing or flamboyant. So, they may want wild stripes and wraps, suspension modifications, or fancy widebody kits. Other drivers may be more subdued and …

An image of a Lamborghini Urus SUV rolling down the road.
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These Are the 6 Fastest 2021 SUVs

Switching from a sports car to a family SUV doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up speed. To showcase this, we’re looking at some of the fastest family SUVs currently available for sale. Motor1 recently published a comprehensive of over 20 fastest SUVs, and today we’re listing off the top six. The fastest of …

White Tesla Model S driving through the mountains
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Recall Alert: Tesla Recalls Certain Model S and X Cars In China

Tesla has made headlines for all sorts of reasons as of late. Tesla recently achieved record profits and announced more details about its self-driving car technology. But on another note, the electric car company has been in the news for safety recall actions. This time, Tesla is recalling certain Model S and Model X electric vehicles. Which Model S and Model X EVs …

A photo shows the badging of a red Ferrari
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Watch an SUV Beat a Ferrari in a Drag Race

The historic Ferrari brand speaks of a storied racing heritage born from an intense desire to not just win, but dominate. If a Ferrari shows up to a racetrack, it is immediately considered a top contender. So, how embarrassing is it when a vehicle from a relatively new company, with no racing pedigree, shows up …

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Stunning SUVs With Questionable Reliability

Buying an SUV doesn’t mean you have to buy a giant, ugly vehicle just to get a good towing capacity and extra space. In fact, there are a lot of 2020 SUVs on the road that barely look like an SUV at all, and they’re pretty great options if you don’t want to drive an …

Citizens watch three models of Tesla Model 3, model X and model s in the exhibition hall of the newly opened Tesla experience center
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Video Games Led to a Fatal Tesla Model X Crash

Tesla has slowly become one of the biggest American car makers, and one way it’s done that has been by putting some high tech stuff in its cars. Teslas are very advanced, and each Tesla comes with a lot of smart features. That said, not even Tesla’s Autopilot system can prevent crashes from happening if …

2019 Jaguar I-Pace
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Can the Jaguar I-Pace Charge Off-Road Better Than a Tesla?

Although Jaguar’s EV production has been hit by COVID-19 and battery shortages, its I-Pace crossover has garnered high marks. While some early models had issues, Jaguar has genuinely used racing to help improve its EV. However, while it offers sports-car-like performance, the Jaguar I-Pace isn’t necessarily someone’s first choice for an off-roader. But increasingly, EVs …

Tesla Model X

Only Tesla Model X Owners Know About These Features

When it comes to owning a car, you learning more about little features or weird traits that the car has that most people wouldn’t know about. The Mini Cooper, for example, has hidden cubbies and lighting features you wouldn’t know about from just a simple test drive. The Tesla Model X is like other cars …

2020 Tesla Model Y AWD Performance
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Is the Tesla Model Y More Than Just a Lifted Model 3?

A lot has changed since the Model 3-based Tesla Model Y prototype was first seen testing IRL, and not just the battery shortages and coronavirus’ effects on the supply chain. The electric crossover/SUV market has gained some competitors. Fisker teased its Ocean crossover, and Rivian announced its R1S would be cheaper than originally forecasted. And …

Tesla Model X vs Ford F-250 diesel towing tug-of-war
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Tesla vs. Ford: The Towing Tug-Of-War Rematch (Kinda)

With Tesla’s recent letter, it’s likely the Cybertruck won’t actually compete with the Ford F-150. Instead, it will most likely compete with medium-duty trucks like the Ford F-250. Which makes Tesla’s highly-publicized Cybertruck-F150 tug-of-war video rather moot. It also raises some more questions. Considering what Tesla may have had to do for that video, what …