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Ram Rebel TRX, the Raptor Fighter, to Debut Monday.

The Ford Raptor is one robust, offroading machine. It has pretty much been left on its own for a few years by other manufacturers. But, not anymore. Ram announced a definite date for its new TRX offroading pickup to debut. The Ram TRX’s sole purpose is to outdo the Raptor at its own game, hence …
A silver Ram 1500 on a dirt road climbs over the peak of a hill.

Is the Mopar ‘Brodozer’ More Capable Than the Ram Rebel?

It’s no secret that you can load up your Ram Rebel pickup truck with aftermarket goodies. If you start with a factory base model and add on off-road customization to suit your fancy, the possibilities really only end where the funding stops. This Mopar “Brodozer” is a Mopar off-road Ram build. Mopar took a Big …