2019 Altima is on display during the New York Autoshow
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The 2019 Nissan Altima Is Painfully Average

Nissan makes a lot of great cars, but like any other automaker, sometimes, Nissan just misses the mark. That’s exactly the case with the 2019 Nissan Altima, which is Nissan’s midsize sedan. Here’s a look at why the 2019 Altima is simply too average to be remarkable. The 2019 Nissan Altima after 30,000 miles Car …

A red 2020 Nissan Murano parked out in a desert
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How to Pick Between the Nissan Rogue and Murano

The future of Nissan is up in the air right now. Even so, this Japanese brand is still known for making dependable vehicles. Two of Nissan’s best-selling models are the Rogue and the Murano SUVs. What’s the difference between these two models? Size matters The 2020 Rogue and the 2020 Murano are family-friendly SUVs that comfortably sit up to five people. Although, the …

2019 Nissan Armada
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Is the Nissan Armada Really That Bad?

Before you commit to the 2020 Nissan Armada, it’s recommended that you check out other options like the Chevy Tahoe or Toyota Sequoia first. While the Nissan Armada is a fine SUV, that’s precisely the problem. It’s just OK compared to great rivals. Is the Nissan Armada a good SUV?  The Nissan Armada is proving …

A grey Nissan Xterra off-roading in the desert.
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How Reliable is the 2015 Nissan Xterra?

It’s been five years since Nissan officially got rid of the Xterra and we’re still pretty bummed about it. Sure, the Xterra had its flaws but its rugged charm and performance capabilities made it one of the more compelling options in the SUV market. Since the only way to get the Xterra is to buy …

2019 Nissan Armada is on display at the 111th Annual Chicago Auto Show
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How Safe Is the Nissan Armada?

Safety is a top priority for drivers, so carmakers are on a constant quest to make their vehicles safer. According to U.S. News, the Nissan Armada is packed with safety features. However, the 2020 Nissan Armada hasn’t been fully tested for safety yet by the IIHS, and the NHTSA only gave it four out of …

2020 Ram ProMaster in Motion
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Nissan NV vs. Dodge ProMaster

The Ram ProMaster and the Nissan NV are both mainstream options for large cargo vans. Though many seem to prefer other vans like the Ford Transit and the Mercedes Sprinter, there are a few other options out there. Both the Nissan and Ram offerings to the segment have strengths and weaknesses. There are compelling reasons …

Bins of classic car parts at a classic car show
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Can You Still Get Classic Car Parts?

Vintage and classic cars’ styling isn’t the only thing that can make them more appealing than modern vehicles. Their simpler designs typically make for more straightforward maintenance. Provided, of course, you can get classic car parts. Luckily, thanks to the Internet, new technology, loyal fanbases, and rising auction values, finding these parts has gotten significantly …