The Nissan LEAF is the brand's electric hatchback.
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The Nissan LEAF Is America’s Favorite Used EV

The Nissan LEAF is the brand’s first mass-produced EV, which entered production in 2010. The LEAF is now in its second generation and has to compete with the Tesla Model 3. While a brand-new LEAF may not be a sales success, the second-hand ones are dominating in the U.S. A recent study from iSeeCars found …

2021 Nissan Ariya parked on street
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Is Nissan a Japanese Car Company?

Nissan Motor Companies is a popular car maker in the US. It is also popular in other countries such as China, Russia, and Mexico. In fact, according to Wikipedia, in 2014 Nissan was the largest auto manufacturer in North America. So where does Nissan originally hail from? Is Nissan a Japanese car company? What does …

Nissan Leaf compact five-door hatchback battery electric vehicle on display at Brussels Expo
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Thousands of Nissan Leaf Models Recalled for Backup Camera Problems

Backup cameras are mandatory safety features nowadays, and every brand-new car will come with one. Compared to the more advanced smart safety features, such as adaptive cruise control, a backup camera is pretty simple. That said, despite being simple, backup cameras can still malfunction, and that’s exactly why Nissan is recalling thousands of Nissan Leaf …

Blue 2020 Honda Civic Type R driving around a corner
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Best Compact Car of 2020: The Experts Can’t Agree

Compact cars may have lost little of their popularity due to the upward trend of the modern crossover SUV. But the compacts are still a raging segment. There are tons to choose from, too. From the basic budget cars to the amenity-packed luxury cars, there is a compact car for everyone. But which one is …

A red Chevy bolt parked before trees and a mountain
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EV Battle: Chevy Bolt vs Mini Cooper vs Nissan Leaf

Thankfully, nobody is locked into a Toyota Prius if they want an electric car. The number of electric vehicle offerings has been growing in recent years. So, they come in all different shapes and sizes now. So, let’s take a look at the electric small car market and compare the Chevrolet Bolt, Mini Cooper, and …

2019 Hyundai Kona Electric
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4 Best Electric Cars on a Budget

The electric vehicle movement continues to gain traction. Innovative engineers are designing electric cars to prepare for the possibility of a future in which electric cars dominate the automobile industry. There are quite a few luxury models available. The Audi E-Tron, the Jaguar I-Pace, the BMW i3, and Tesla models M, S, and X to …

Nissan Leaf compact five-door hatchback battery electric vehicle on display at Brussels Expo
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Is the Nissan Leaf Plus Worth Its Big Price Tag?

The Nissan Leaf came on the scene back in 2011 when few electric vehicles were being mass-produced. Now, the Leaf is facing competition from the likes of the Hyundai Kona Electric, the Chevy Bolt EV, and the Kia Niro, among others. Nissan has tried to step up its game in the compact EV market by …