2021 Toyota Mirai Limited in Hydro Blue paint color option
2021 Toyota Mirai Limited in Hydro Blue | Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

With the Mirai model, Toyota argues that electrification and EVs aren’t the only paths to a clean, efficient, and sustainable future in the automotive industry. The Toyota Mirai is a hydrogen-powered vehicle that only emits water as a byproduct of the hydrogen-oxygen reaction in its fuel cell to create energy that powers the car. Pitched as an exploration of alternative fuel sources, the word Mirai literally means ‘future’ in Japanese, signaling the big plans and grand ambitions that Toyota has for this hydrogen fuel cell model.

The first Toyota Mirai model and generation was revealed at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show with a similar build to the Prius hybrid. However, a second generation of the Mirai was revealed in 2019 and went on sale in 2020 with a style all its own and an increased driving range.

Will the Toyota Mirai and other hydrogen-powered vehicles on the market be as successful, profitable, and widespread as electric vehicles? We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds.

About Toyota

  • 2021 Toyota Mirai (Starting MSRP: $49,500)
  • Pros: The Toyota Mirai lives up to its name with a sleek and futuristic shell that comes with incredible driving dynamics and an impressive driving range from its hydrogen power source.
  • Cons: Although impressive, the Toyota Mirai may make buyers hesitant due to its high starting price and the limited availability of refueling stations for hydrogen-powered vehicles.
  • See Also: Hyundai NEXO and Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

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