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The Honda Odyssey is a minivan model produced and sold by the Honda Motor Company. As one of the last minivan models around, the Honda Odyssey is constantly competing with its few but formidable rivals, such as the Chrysler Pacifica, the Toyota Sienna, and the brand-new Kia Carnival MPV. So, what makes the Honda Odyssey a unique, reliable, and desirable choice in the minivan market?

First introduced in 1994 and known as the Honda Shuttle in the European automotive market, the Odyssey was initially based on the Honda Accord sedan model, oddly enough, with a similar front and back end but much more space in the middle. After its launch, the Odyssey won several ‘Car of the Year’ awards and outsold the popular Honda Civic sedan at the time. While not selling as well in the current American market that now favors SUVs, the Odyssey continues to receive positive accolades.

The Honda Odyssey is currently in its fifth generation, which debuted with the 2018 model year and received a facelift with the 2021 model year, improving style, headlights, and safety technology.

About Honda

  • 2022 Honda Odyssey (Starting MSRP $32,290)
  • Pros: The Honda Odyssey minivan is incredibly practical for families, friends, and trips, featuring a customizable cabin and plenty of standard safety technology.
  • Cons: The most significant drawbacks of the Odyssey are that, as a minivan, it’s not the most exciting ride, and its features aren’t very distinct from its competitors.
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