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The market for new cars in 2023 is ripe with plenty of sensible cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans for families, but those unsure of what model would best suit their needs might want to consider a trip to their local Honda dealership. Three models — the Civic, Accord, and CR-V — earned a spot in Good Housekeeping’s Best New Family Cars of 2023, giving Honda the distinction of being the only automaker with more than two models making the list of 25 cars.

Honda Civic earns honors for Best Family Compact Car

The Honda Civic has been a popular choice among families for decades, and its status as a great compact sedan option for families has only improved with the 11th-generation model introduced in 2022. Good Housekeeping heralds the 2023 Civic for its affordability, real-world pragmaticism in a small package, dedication to safety, refined cabin, stylish appearance, and solid driving dynamics that aren’t dull. “It’s what other economy cars aspire to be when (or if) they grow up, but like your favorite uncle, it maintains a youthful spirit,” the publication states.

Adding to the appeal for families is the choice of sedan or hatchback body styles, a long list of standard features, and an EPA-rated fuel economy ranging from 33 mpg to up to 48 combined mpg. Pricing for the 2023 Civic starts at $24,545 with destination charges, making it relatively easy on the budget.

The Honda Accord was named Best Family Sedan

The 2023 Honda Accord rear in red. Among 2023 Honda family cars, the Accord is a premier option.

Those who want all the great family-car attributes of the Civic with bigger dimensions and added pragmaticism don’t need to stray from the Honda dealership. The Honda Accord earns Good Housekeeping’s crown as the best family sedan of 2023.

The publication calls the midsize “the epitome of an affordable family sedan.” It praises the Accord’s cavernous rear seats, spacious trunk, intuitive cabin layout, long list of safety features, top-notch road manners, and a build quality that “telegraphs reliability.”

The 2023 Honda Accord, earning high review marks, rides into 2023 in the first year of its 11th generation with a revamped look, a stronger focus on hybrid models that can return up to 48 mpg, and updated technology that furthers its appeal to families. Pricing for the premier family sedan starts at $28,390, which is a bit more than some rivals, but it’s a small price to pay for the Accord’s overall excellence.

The CR-V named Best Compact SUV

The Honda CR-V has been totally revamped for 2023 for the model’s sixth generation, and it’s now more appealing than ever — evidenced by its win as Good Housekeeping’s best compact SUV of 2023.

Like its siblings, the publication touts the CR-V’s “all-around excellence” as a pragmatic brood hauler that prioritizes comfort, safety, refinement, and affordability. Its strengths have improved for 2023 with a more modern cabin that increases rear legroom and a cargo area that will swallow up to a massive 39 cubic feet of stuff. The CR-V starts at an agreeable $29,705 with destination charges, and hybrid models that return up to 43 mpg can be had at around $34,000.

The Odyssey falls short among minivans

Despite the stigma surrounding them, minivans remain the ultimate models focused on family hauling. While the Honda Odyssey is a good choice in the segment, Honda’s option couldn’t take the crown for the best minivan of 2023 in Good Housekeeping’s rankings. That distinction was earned by the Chrysler Pacifica. But with a starting price equivalent to the Pacifica and unique features like Honda’s reconfigurable “Magic Seat” system, the Odyssey is still certainly worth a strong look among minivans.


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