2020 Hyundai Santa Fe in the road with trees
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Just When the Hyundai Santa Fe Got Good, Sales Started Declining

Despite the COVID-19 stimulus package and sweet vehicle discounts and financing deals, major automakers reported sharp drops in the second quarter. Analysts estimate second-quarter U.S. vehicle sales are projected to have fallen by about one-third. One car company that has suffered significant drops in sales is Hyundai. The top-rated 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe, for example, was beginning …

A black Chevrolet Trax SUV drives by a cityscape.
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Avoid the 2021 Chevy Trax

Before you settle on the 2021 Chevy Trax, consider better options. The 2021 Chevrolet Trax continues to find itself ranking at the bottom of lists as rivals like the 2020 Nissan Kicks and 2021 Hyundai Kona steal the show.  Avoid the 2021 Chevy Trax  The U.S.News ranked the 2021 Chevy Trax as number 12 on …

2021 Telluride Nightfall Edition Black driving by an office building
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Kia Telluride Desperately Needs a New Commercial

Kia Motor Corporation is a South Korean automaker that is gaining traction in the American market. The brand has developed a reputation for owner satisfaction and reliability with its extensive product line. The three-row Kia Telluride is standing out among the competition, with its only weakness being fuel economy. Edmunds and Motor Trend selected it as the best luxury SUV for 2020. With ample …

Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro on display at the Denver Auto Show at the Colorado Convention Center
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These Are the 5 Fastest 2020 Toyota SUVs

Technology and increased efficiencies and better tolerances in manufacturing have brought engine technology a long way in the last two or three decades. Today, an SUV is as quick from 0-60 mph as some performance cars from the early 1980s. Of course, Toyota is one of the manufacturers working to make their portfolio of SUV/crossover …

2020 Ford Expedition driving on street
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These Are the 5 Fastest 2020 Ford SUVs

A practical family vehicle is a necessary thing for many households. However, that does not mean that high-performance expectations have to be diminished. Since the SUV is so popular, it seems like a good time to discover what kind of performance can come from today’s SUVs. The focus shifts to the Ford camp, as yesterday it was on the Chevrolet …

Acura MDX is seen during the 2018 Sundance Film Festival
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Is the 2016 Acura MDX a Good Car?

As a new model, the 2016  Acura MDX impressed critics and consumers alike. The MDX is a charismatic performer, and it’s comfortable too. But how good of a car is the 2016 MDX? Driving the 2016 Acura MDX  There are many enticing choices in the luxury midsize SUV class, but the MDX stands out because of its agility. The 2016 …

Hyundai Venue in Miami with a mural in the background
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How Reliable Is the Hyundai Venue?

The 2020 Hyundai Venue is a new SUV offering that’s agile, affordable, and stylish. There’s plenty of room inside for passengers and has many standard driver-assist features. The Venue might not be the best choice to buy if take a lot of long road trips. In the city? It’s got you covered. How reliable is the new Hyundai Venue? …

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Will Nissan Make A Proto Z SUV?

Another day, another rumor. This rumor has already been applied to Corvette, Camaro, and even a Dodge Challenger after the apparent success of the Mustang Mach-E SUV. Do you remember that Ford reveal from a few months ago? The Mach-E is still a few months off but already we have been distracted by other releases …