2010 Toyota Tundra cruising down the road
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5 of the Most Reliable Trucks for Under $10,000

Unlike cars and SUVs, buying a reliable used truck can be tricky because they’re typically used for working on a construction job site or other heavy lifting and towing duties. And if you’re shopping for a reliable truck on a strict budget, then you might think that your options are limited. But don’t worry, there …

2017 Bowler CSP RIV Military Vehicle Concept | RM Sothebys
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Forget A Hummer: Buy This Bowler Military Truck Instead

Just look at this thing. If you thought a Humvee had a presence you haven’t seen this Bowler military truck. Actually, this is known as the Bowler Rapid Intervention Vehicle. Its official designation is the Bowler CSP RIV. The name is as imposing as the actual truck. Bowler makes some of the finest off-road SUVs …

A police officer standing outside in uniform.
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Stolen Toyota Land Cruiser Spotted in Suburbs After Violent Theft

On Wednesday morning, February 24, a 34-year-old woman sat in her parked Toyota Land Cruiser. She never expected a man to threaten her out of her Toyota SUV at knifepoint, but that’s exactly what happened. Sources spotted the stolen Toyota Land Cruiser in the suburbs of Rockhampton in Queensland, Australia later that night after the …

2021 Ford Bronco Sport in a feild wearing the new Camp themed accessories bundle with built in roof tent
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The 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Sprints Faster Than Expected

The first Ford Bronco appeared in 1965, and following decades of popularity, it ended production after 1996. But that wasn’t the end for the Bronco. It returned for 2021 and is joined by a smaller sibling, the Ford Bronco Sport, says MotorTrend. While not truck-sized, the Bronco Sport has a truck-like feel combined with quick …

2021 Ford Bronco parked on a grassy hill
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Avoid the Ford Bronco Sport for These Alternatives Instead

The Ford Bronco Sport made its automotive debut not too long ago. And since arriving on the scene, it’s become a popular option among its segment. But is it the best SUV out there? Not necessarily. So before settling for this all-new model? You might want to consider these alternatives to the Ford Bronco Sport …

The 2021 Ford Explorer King Ranch edition driving on a dirt road
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Is the Ford Explorer King Ranch Worth the Extra Cash?

Customers wanted the Ford King Ranch trim to be available on more vehicles, and they got it. Now the 2021 Ford Explorer is available in the King Ranch trim to provide rugged luxury. But is the Ford Explorer King Ranch worth the extra cash?  Is the 2021 Ford Explorer King Ranch worth it?  First, we …

Blue 2021 Shelby Super Baja Ford F-250
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Shelby Is Making A Ford F-250 “Super Baja”

Though you might think of Shelby as the company that modifies Mustangs, it has been doing its thing with Ford trucks for years. Its latest is the tough-looking Super Baja. In many ways, it is way more over-the-top than the Raptor. Here’s why. Shelby only intends to make 250 Super Baja F-250s. So limited edition …

a 2022 nissan frontier driving in the desert
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Does the 2022 Nissan Frontier Have a Manual Transmission?

The 2022 Nissan Frontier midsize pickup truck was a long time coming. It looks propelled into the future, but Nissan managed to retain style elements that honor the new Frontier‘s simple, rugged roots. But how far back to those roots does it really go? Does the 2022 Nissan Frontier have a manual transmission? What engine …

2021 Chevrolet Silverado Multi-Flex Tailgate with the truck parked in front of a house
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The Real Reason the 2021 Chevy Silverado Deserves More Respect

Pickup trucks in America compete in a wildly popular segment. Although this segment is also highly competitive, many customers are loyal to their preferred truck maker. Even if the next Ford F-150 isn’t great, many people will still buy them because they are Ford people and always have been. This is a fascinating thing that …

An image of a red Mazda CX-5 parked outside.
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Is the 2021 Mazda CX-5 a Good Long-Term SUV?

Reviewers across various outlets agree that the 2021 Mazda CX-5 is a great brand-new SUV. However, short tests don’t tell us how this Mazda stands up to long-term use. Thankfully, since this model has been on sale for many years, owners can now share insightful observations over thousands of miles. That’s exactly what Big Rock …

2021 Ford Expedition in the snow
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Popular Large New SUVs to Avoid According to Consumer Reports

There are so many big new SUV options on the market. It can be pretty difficult choosing which one suits your family the best. Here are some popular large new SUVs to avoid according to Consumer Reports. Avoid this large luxury SUV While other Mercedes-Benz models like the 2021 GLB-Class have impressed us in testing, …

2021 Jeep Wrangler with half doors
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The Jeep Wrangler Half Doors May Break Your Wallet

The Jeep Wrangler half doors have finally returned. However, having half doors may fully empty your wallet. The half doors that are available on the 2021 Jeep Wrangler JL are one of the latest accessories that may break the bank.  The Jeep Wrangler half doors are incredibly expensive  If you want to upgrade to the …

2021 Ford Ranger in the dirt
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How Many Miles Will a Ford Ranger Last?

You really can’t go wrong with the Ford Ranger. It’s capable, stocked with features, and is reasonably priced for a pickup truck. But how many miles can you actually expect the Ford Ranger to last? Let’s find out. Is the Ford Ranger a reliable truck? Unfortunately, there’s no beating around the bush here. The Ford …

An image of a 2021 Ford F-150 outdoors.
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Recall Alert: The 2021 Ford F-150 Has Structural Issues

Oh no! If Ford thought 2020 was bad, 2021 might be worse. They’re already issuing a recall for the 2020 and 2021 Ford F-150 and Super Duty models due to body structure problems. Along with windshield issues, Super Duty trucks have incorrect payload information.  2020 Ford Super Duty recall  According to Ford Authority, Ford announced a …

A red 2021 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon pickup truck carries kayaks in its bed while navigating a stream surrounded by pine trees and mountains
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The Jeep Gladiator Is the Most Satisfying Truck

Buying a new car is exciting. But after all the excitement has worn off, which vehicles still satisfy their owners? It’s a question many shoppers consider as they’re deciding which new car to purchase. If you’re in the market for a great compact pickup, the Jeep Gladiator is one of the most satisfying vehicles, Consumer Reports …

A dark-gray 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit Reserve parked overlooking a lake and mountains
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Cherokee Nation: Jeep Must Rename SUVs Now

The iconic Jeep Cherokee brand may be coming to an end but not because it isn’t selling. Both the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee have been proudly associated with Jeep for decades. They account for over 40% of Jeep sales annually. At issue is the use of a tribal name for a product, as has been …

The 2021 Cadillac Escalade Sport driving
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The Cadillac Escalade is Getting A Much Needed Power Boost

The Cadillac Escalade is finally getting more power. With a luxury SUV, you need more than just an excellent interior and tech. It needs to be fast and sporty too. So, the 2022 Cadillac Escalade is addressing this need for speed.  The 2022 Cadillac Escalade gets a supercharger  The 2021 Cadillac Escalade comes with a …

2021 Peugeot Landtrek on mountain
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2022 Ram Dakota Cancelled? MotorBiscuit Says It’s Not Killed

Many automotive news outlets are reporting that Ram has canceled the development of a 2022 midsize Dakota. It was first reported by, of all sites, GM Authority. It cites “sources within Stellantis” and we don’t doubt that their sources said what it said they said. But while whatever Ram was working might have been killed, …

A red 2021 Jeep Gladiator sits atop of rocks.
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Is the Jeep Gladiator EcoDiesel on the Chopping Block?

Stellantis officially killed plans for the Ram Dakota, which would be based on the Jeep Gladiator platform. But which truck will they kill next? Is the Jeep Gladiator EcoDiesel in danger? It’s not exactly the beefiest diesel option.  Is the Jeep Gladiator EcoDiesel a good truck?  Yes, if you want a diesel Jeep truck, then …

The 2021 Ford Escape Driving
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The Least Reliable Ford SUVs According to Consumer Reports

Reliability is key when it comes to shopping for a new SUV, especially if you plan on keeping that SUV for several years. After all, who wants to buy a vehicle they won’t actually be able to depend on for miles to come? Unfortunately, that means avoiding the least reliable Ford SUVs.  Consumer Reports says …

An image of a Chevy Silverado driving down a dirt road.
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The 2021 Chevy Silverado is Too Expensive For Young Adults

You can’t blame Chevrolet for trying, but their new target audience is a little strange. The 2021 Chevy Silverado is being marketed towards younger buyers. But can young adults afford a brand new Chevy Silverado?  The 2021 Chevy Silverado targets younger buyers  According to Torque News, the 2021 Chevy Silverado is attempting to attract younger buyers …

a white Mercedes-Benz GLB250 at speed on the an open country road.
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Good Luck Besting the 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class SUV

The 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLB250 tester I recently had really opened my eyes to the Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class SUV line. It slots just between the GLA and GLC-Class models in a way that’s just right. It’s no wonder some fans say that the “GLB” in GLB-Class stands for good luck besting. This Mercedes SUV is tough to …

Ford transit like this green passenger van come with both diesel and gasoline engine options
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How Many Miles Will a Ford Transit Last?

Ford Transit vans are often bought for a commercial work fleet. People also buy Ford Transit passenger vans for carpooling. Plus, there are many who buy a Transit in order to build out a camper van conversion. Now, Ford has even introduced an electric Transit. But how many miles will a Ford Transit van last? …

Cargo space behind the third row of a 2021 Cadillac Escalade full-size SUV
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The 2021 Cadillac Escalade Ignores Its ‘Industrial’ Third Row

The Cadillac Escalade helped establish the three-row luxury SUV class and has become a pop culture icon over the years. This full-size SUV packs cutting-edge technology and luxury features. But there’s one area that’s lacking. Anyone riding in the Escalade’s third row will find it a little neglected. Here’s a look at the luxury features …