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Two different vehicles are in hot water! But to be fair, the Ford Escape and Ford Maverick are pretty similar, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the SUV and truck are facing a new class action lawsuit. Learn more about potential engine problems with the Ford Maverick and Escape. 

Ford Maverick and Escape lawsuit due to engine problems 

A class action lawsuit was filed against Ford with the Michigan federal court due to alleged engine problems with the Ford Escape, Ford Maverick, and Lincoln Corsair. 

According to Top Class Actions, the plaintiffs are suing Ford because they believe the vehicles were sold with a dangerous defect that could transform them into infernos. 

Reportedly, the Escape, Maverick, and Corsair vehicles were equipped with faulty powertrains that resulted in blown engines and increased fire risks. 

The engine may seize, then shatter engine rods and connecting bearings. They can be sent through the engine block or oil pan. 

As the engine stalls, flammable vapors and liquids may start to leak, creating highly flammable conditions under the hood. 

Allegedly, Ford was aware of this engine issue but sold the vehicles anyway. Ford should have remedied this issue before launching these vehicles or at least provided a consumer advisory. A recall wasn’t issued until over a year after the plaintiffs purchased their vehicles. 

The 2023 Ford Escape  driving in the city
2023 Ford Escape | Ford

On top of that, the plaintiffs claim that the Ford recall didn’t correct the engine problems. While Ford assures customers that it developed a fix, the lawsuit shares that Ford didn’t inspect the engines to determine which vehicles to repair.

The fix utterly failed and left multiple drivers facing catastrophic fires. Drivers shared that once they saw smoke coming from the hood, they had little to no time to escape before their Escape or Maverick was completely engulfed by flames. 

The plaintiffs are suing on behalf of anyone who purchased a 2020 – 2023 Ford Escape, 2022 – 2023 Ford Maverick, or 2021 – 2023 Lincoln Corsair vehicle. 

They’re suing due to a breach of warranty, fraudulent concealment, unjust enrichment, and violations of state consumer laws. 

They seek certification of the class action, restitution, damages, fees, and the costs related to a jury trial.