2020 Toyota Highlander driving down the street
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The Toyota Highlander XLE is Overpriced

The 2020 Toyota Highlander comes with nine different trim options! Holy moly, that’s a lot to choose from. There are so many options because there is a hybrid version of each 2020 Highlander model. But which trim option is the best? Let’s check out the 2020 Toyota Highlander XLE as the middle option. It may …

2020 Chevy silverado single cab dually
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In 2020 Regular Cab Pickups Have Almost No Sales

The buying public has lost any interest in regular-cab pickups. Almost 85% of pickup sales are crew-cabs in 2020. In Canada, it’s almost 90%. When it comes to extended-cab pickups they’re selling at 14% of total sales. Regular-cabs amount to about three percent. In Canada, it’s down to one percent. Those regular-cab sales are bought …