Bill Ford (L), executive chairman of the Ford Motor Company, and Jim Hackett (R), President and CEO, pose with the 2019 Ford Ranger
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2020 Most Sustainable Cars: Ford Ranger

The 2020 Ford Ranger when you need it to be and charismatic when it matters most. Its engine offers refined power delivery while providing the muscular towing and payload capabilities that make trucks a must-have for some buyers. Trim levels range from the stripped-down XL to the spruced-up Lariat, and there are two body styles …

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2020 Most Sustainable Cars: Ford F-450

Ford’s pickup truck lineup is relatively simple to understand. As the numbers get progressively bigger, the trucks get more capable. The 2020 Ford F-450 represents the pinnacle of the non-commercial fleet. Properly equipped, it can tow up to 37,000 pounds thanks to 1,050 lb-ft of stump-pulling torque delivered by a next-generation 6.7-liter turbodiesel V8 engine. …

1997 GMC TopKick C6500
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Need a GM Monster Truck? Try the GMC TopKick

Although sometimes people genuinely do need a large pickup, some owners and tuners take the theme to the extreme. Rtech builds classic Chevrolet bro-dozers, while Brabus can build you a 6-wheeled AMG G-Wagon truck. Hummer’s coming back as a GMC-branded electric pickup, too. And, while you can’t really drive a monster truck on the road, …

1949 Reo Speedwagon D19XA
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You Can Buy an Actual Reo Speedwagon Truck

Quite a few famous names have been attached to pickup trucks over the years. There’ve been Terminator-edition Toyotas and Tonka F-Series. Several apparel companies have collaborated with automakers on pickups, as has the Kentucky Derby. And of course, there are several Ford and GMC pickups with ‘Harley-Davidson’ on their tailgates. But there’s also a truck …

2019 Ford F-150 Limited
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A Pickup Truck With a Third Row?

Pickup trucks are undeniably popular. They come in all trims and sizes, and they are driven by a spectrum of people. From the college freshman in her dad’s hand-me-down Tacoma to the stay-at-home dad toting small children around –– three car seats across –– in a new F-150, this is a vehicle that appeals to …

Mini Pickup Truck Concept
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Will Mini Make A Pickup Truck?

Many manufacturers build on their successes and enter additional segments of the automotive market. For example, Tesla’s first automotive offering was a roadster. Then they moved into sedans, SUVs, and now a pickup truck. What about Mini? Will they ever produce a pickup truck? A colleague of mine recently wrote in an article about a modified Mini pickup. That …

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Could CNG Save The V8 Engine?

We get so wrapped up in diesel vs gasoline, or EV vs ICE that we sometimes forget there are other ways to power vehicles. Some are clean, and we’re not talking about hydrogen. What we are talking about is CNG; compressed natural gas. Cars and trucks have been converted to CNG for decades. It’s mostly …

GMC Sierra
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Three Dangerous Trucks You Need To Avoid

One of the primary reasons leading people to choose trucks is their capability. If you need to haul or tow loads, then obviously you need a truck. However, trucks aren’t the safest vehicles to choose from, so shop wisely by avoiding these most dangerous truck options.  The Most Dangerous Trucks You Need To Avoid  The …