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Barnell Anderson

Barnell Anderson joined the MotorBiscuit team in 2023. After earning a Master of Arts in English from Louisiana Tech University, Barnell ultimately found his way into automotive journalism. He’s been writing about the automotive industry since 2021 creating vehicle comparisons, and discussing important points like reliability and vehicle safety ratings.

A massive passion for automotive history lends to Barnell’s curiosity and drive to look beneath the surface of a story to find fresh takes. Before he began writing for MotorBiscuit, this passion combined with a love for writing led him to create content for outlets like HotCars and SlashGear.

Inspired by providing a necessary resource to readers researching their next SUV model, Barnell delivers on global topics in the automotive realm. Staying up to date by avidly reading press releases and keeping track of the market’s most popular vehicles, he strives to update our audience with exciting vehicle news and game changing models.

Barnell is a music fan and enjoys reality television shows. When stopped at a red light, you may catch him quietly observing the other vehicles on the road on the hunt for unique new story ideas.