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Can You DIY a Tesla Cybertruck?

It has been said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. While the popular Tesla Cybertruck has not wholly been duplicated, it is often imitated. If you’ve ever wondered just how long it would take you to DIY your version of a Cybertruck, these two unique builds might offer some insight and inspiration.  Many …

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Is the Tesla Cybertruck a Family Car?

Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck last year. They sold reservations to people across the country and created some pretty major hype. It has been a source of excitement and controversy ever since. As the first fully electric pickup truck on the market, Tesla claims that the Cybertruck is ready to take on the beloved Ford F-150. …

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Want A Cybertruck? There Are 532,048 Ahead Of You

Could the Tesla Cybertruck rival the original Mustang for the most desirable vehicle in its maiden year? It looks like it’s on the way as tabulated Cybertruck orders based on reservation numbers. They are saying 532,048 reservations have been recorded for Cybertrucks. At $100 per reservation that’s over $53 million in Tesla’s petty cash …

A Tesla Model X stands in front of a sales shop and service center of the manufacturer of electric vehicles, Tesla
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When Was Tesla Founded?

Unless you’re completely disconnected, you’ve probably heard of Elon Musk and his Tesla brand. You may not realize there’s more to the iconic electric vehicle (EV) company than the latest Cybertruck. In fact, Tesla is turning the automotive industry on its end and revolutionizing not only how cars are built, but how people buy them …

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Why Fast Charging an EV Costs More

Charging, arguably more so than battery capacity or chemistry, is one of the biggest limitations to widespread EV adoption. Supercapacitors could theoretically cut charge times, but they’re not production-ready. And although hydrogen fuel cells can refuel as quickly as ICE vehicles, the infrastructure isn’t there yet. New fast-charging stations, and fast-charging EVs like the Porsche …