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A tragic accident serves as a solemn reminder to be prepared with proper tools in case of an accident. Mitch McConnell’s sister-in-law accidentally reversed her Tesla Model X into a pond and drowned. But could she have escaped the Tesla Model X safely with the right equipment?

Mitch McConnell’s sister-in-law drowns during Tesla Model X accident

Angela Chao, beloved sister-in-law of Mitch McConnel drowned inside of her Telsa Model X SUV during a tragic accident.

Chao invited friends to spend the weekend on her 900-acre ranch outside of Austin, Texas. Around 11:20 pm on February 10, she left the guest house to return to the main ranch house.

She was making a three-point turn when she accidentally put the Model X into reverse instead of pulling forward. As a result, she backed over an embankment into a pond.

Reportedly, she called one of her friends in a panic. This raised alarm as her friends, the ranch manager, first responders, and police officers tried to break the windows or find an escape hatch.

One of her friends even jumped into the pond. About 24 minutes after a call was made, the fire department arrived. They parked their vehicles and walked to the scene due to issues with terrain accessibility.

The 2024 Tesla Model X on the road
2024 Tesla Model X | Tesla

An emergency service member and firefighter entered the water with excuse tools without any luck. Then a tow truck arrived, but its cable was too short to reach the completely submerged vehicle.

After finding a longer cable, the Tesla Model X was retrieved. Once it was on land, they opened the doors and hundreds of gallons of water gushed out.

Chao was found unresponsive and attempts to resuscitate her were made, but they were unsuccessful. She was declared deceased at the scene. She succumbed to being under the water. Therefore, there is no reason to blame Tesla for the incident.

It’s unclear which tools emergency responders had at the scene. However, a car window breaker is good to keep in your vehicle in case an accident occurs.

You can use it to break window glass. They work above and underwater. Also, if your vehicle is submerged and you can’t break the window, wait until it fills with water to open the door.