Many 3500 trucks, also known as a one-ton, are considered heavy-duty. A variety of sizes are available, such as a 1500, a light-weight truck, and a 2500, considered heavy-duty but can’t tow as much as the 3500. The most significant differences between the 2500 and 3500 vary from truck to truck, but the most significant difference is how much they can tow and their overall performance.

Manufacturers that make these vehicles include Ram, Chevy, and GMC. However, not all the 3500 models are recommended, like the Dodge Ram before it became simply Ram. However, these trucks are built to haul heavy loads. These models are excellent for farmers and those that need an outstanding performance-driven work truck. It is also great for those who enjoy traveling with a large RV that fits within the model’s towing capacity. A heavy-duty truck like this is not great as an everyday drive due to gas mileage. It is made to be put to work.

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