Trucks that have the 2500 tag are also known as a three-quarter ton. It is considered a heavy-duty truck. It is made for those that need to carry heavy loads and tow often. Multiple manufacturers make trucks as 2500, including Ram, Ford, and Chevrolet. Most people are used to seeingĀ 1500 on most trucks, which is different than a 2500 and classified as a light-duty truck that can handle light towing.

These classifications can be seen in SUVs as well to determine their maximum payload capacities. This maximum payload varies between specific trucks and SUVs. The weight includes not only what is being towed not only includes what is being towed but also the weight of the cargo and passengers. The lighter towing is great for those that tow smaller loads, such as lawnmowers or furniture. The larger 2500 are great for those who need to haul heavier loads like farmers or travel using RVs.

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