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Spoiler alert, new trucks often roll out with substantial issues to face. Marques Brownlee volunteered as tribute to drive the Tesla Cybetruck for over 1,000 miles and discovered plenty of ups and downs. Check out what the biggest Tesla Cybertruck problems are.

The biggest Tesla Cybertruck problems after 1,000 miles

The Tesla Cybertruck is still enjoying its time in the spotlight as a bizarre truck that you either love or hate. There’s not much in between and to be honest, some folks may be blinded by their obsession with Elon Musk.

Anyways, YouTuber Marques Brownlee found that the Cybertruck gets a lot of attention. You may enjoy getting stared at, honked at, followed, and swamped in parking lots, but I don’t.

When I have something like the $160k BMW XM, I wish people would leave me alone and let me work. But that’s fine if a show-stopper is your cup of tea.

The second issue is related to build quality. It seems like Tesla doesn’t have the building mold finely tuned yet because there are massive panel gaps.

Due to the lack of door handles, the sides of the Cybertruck get covered pretty quickly. Plus, he mentions how sharp the angles are, reminding me of when I cut my hand while pulling the door open.

Next up, the massive windshield wiper doesn’t go to the bottom of the windshield. It stops early, then the rain collects at the bottom and flies back up the windshield. It has poor visibility in the rain.

The range often falls short and the Cybertruck takes longer to charge than other models in the lineup, making it difficult during road trips.

Also, Marques paid for Auto Pilot, and the truck is equipped with all the cameras and systems to make it work, but it’s not available yet.

Because of the design, there’s hardly any rear visibility. The rear window is small and blocked by the tonneau cover. Tesla could have provided a digital rearview mirror, but it cheaped out.

Last but not least, Marquee complains that the interior is basic. The truck feels pretty empty inside, which is good for people who want space, but it’s supposed to feel special.

A few positives include the nimble steering, athletic speed, the intelligent smart parking system, the amazing sound system, comfortable seats, and plenty of storage.