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I have a twofer for you today. Big surprise, there have more Tesla Cybertruck problems to cover. It does have benefits like a spacious interior and a massive truck bed. However, some Tesla Cybertruck models are rusting, and one cut my hand!

Tesla Cybertruck rust is getting out of hand

Owners are complaining because their Tesla Cybertruck models are showing rust spots in the rain. These trucks are rusting extremely early in their lifespan and are battling discoloration from the corrosion.

We won’t get into the chemistry or take a deep nerd dive into stainless steel and why it’s extremely resistant to corrosion, but that’s the mystery here. If stainless steel holds up against rust why are Cybertrucks getting rust spots?

According to the Cybertruck Forum, one theory is that exposure to other chemicals like salt or bleach can have an impact. It is winter, so roads are being covered in salt regularly.

Also, what type of steel is the Cybertruck really made out of? Elon Musk shared that it’s crafted with a unique alloy formula of stainless steel that Tesla created. It needed to be crafted to make the metal easier to bend.

So, the Cybertruck steel might not be as equipped to handle the elements as regular steel. It may require certain cleaning products as well.

Some speculate that because the rust spots are easy to clean, it could just be rail rust. Rail rust occurs when rust flies off of train car wheels and splatters vehicles with orange spots that are easily removed.

This issue could be something simple that the world will forget about, but it could also be a catastrophe. I recommend immediately cleaning the Cybertruck if anything gets on the body and getting it a nice protective clear coat.

Also, the Tesla Cybertruck is sharp. Massive alloy steel panels create angled edges, and it’s dangerous. You press a button to open the doors that don’t have handles.

When pressed, the door pops open about two inches and you just grab it where you can. Upon opening and closing the doors at the Chicago Auto Show, I cut my finger! I can see children getting their hands smashed and things easily going wrong.

Now, on top of that, I have to worry about rust? Do I need a tetanus shot? Luckily, my scratch is minor and I don’t think I’ll lose the finger.