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It seems like Tesla man could be the new Florida man as ridiculous stunts surface online. One man with a Tesla Cybetruck seemed to lack common sense as he let the frunk close on his hand. This Cybertruck test didn’t go as planned. 

The Tesla Cybertruck frunk closes on a man’s fingers 

Maybe I was brought up differently, but I had lots of finger safety tips growing up. The same can’t be said for a Tesla Cybertruck owner who left his fingers in the way of the power-closing frunk. 

Seriously though, I grew up in South Carolina where firework laws are sparse, and listened to tons of lectures about how life would stink if I blew my fingers off. Also, I remember being told to move my hand away from closing doors, hoods, and trunks. 

But the owner closed his hand in the frunk to highlight how dangerous the design is. So, in that aspect, this video is successful. 

The video by DblCapCrimpin begins by explaining that the Cybertruck doesn’t have any pinch sensors in the frunk to automatically stop it from closing when fingers or other objects are in the way. 

When the owner put his entire arm in the frunk, the motors met the resistance and stopped closing. But with only his fingers over one edge, the frunk closed tight. 

Then the frunk wouldn’t reopen and the man couldn’t reach the manual release lever. He had to scramble with one hand to use his phone to open the frunk. His fingers are bruised and sore, but otherwise, he’s fine. 

But what happens if both hands get crushed? What if that happened to a kid without a connected smartphone? What about your pet’s tails? 

There are no plastic covers or other protective materials around the edges of the frunk. The Cybertruck panels are made of thick, bulletproof stainless steel, so when the frunk closes it’s intense metal on metal. 

The man had his fingers in a safer area of the frunk, but some parts are much sharper. While he didn’t lose a finger, it could have been much worse. 

Other electric vehicles like the Rivian R1T have pinch sensors around the frunk openings. It’s like the Cybertruck didn’t think everything through even though it was delayed for years, providing plenty of time to make improvements. 

Perhaps Tesla can release some sort of update to make the motors more aware of objects in the way. But until then, watch out for rogue fingers.