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Super trucks are getting ridiculous. They’ve become so ridiculous, I had to coin the phrase “hyper truck” for the entire segment of 700+ horsepower supercharged beasts you can now buy from the factory–if you have $100k+ lying around.

I’ll be honest, I’m all for kicking up a little dirt off-road. But you need literally have as much truck to have 95% as much fun. In fact, Ford first introduced the F-150 Raptor with a V8, but then the Special Vehicles Team realized it was overkill. For the desert-racer-inspired truck’s second generation they went for the lighter turbocharged 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6.

It was Ram that dragged the Raptor back to the stone age when it said “hold my supercharger and watch this,” shoehorning the Hellcat’s V8 into a Ram 1500 to birth the TRX. Not to be one-upped, Ford rolled out the Raptor 37, with upgraded suspension and 37-inch tires. Then it offered that trim with a supercharged V8 from the retired Mustang GT500 as the Ford F-150 Raptor R. This thing has nearly the horsepower of a used Ferrari. And at $111,550, its got an MSRP to match.

2025 Ram 1500 RHO kicking up sand in the desert.
2025 Ram 1500 RHO | Ram

And yes, I’m sure Ram will soon release some monster with even more horsepower. I actually expect it will feature Stellantis’ rumored 1,000 horsepower EV system. But in the meantime, it seems we have a bit of a truce. For the 2025 model year, Ram is rolling out the comparatively reasonable Ram 1500 RHO.

This truck features TRX-like long-travel suspension and a wide body kit to house its huge 35-inch off-road tries. But instead of a supercharged V8 it has the “high output” tune of Stellantis’ turbocharged 3.0-liter I6. This off-road racing truck settles for a mere 540 horsepower and 521 lb-ft of torque. Yeah, that’ll get the job done.

What job? Well likely not hauling hay bales around the farm or towing a Uhaul. But it can race to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds, through the 1/4 mile in 13.1 seconds, and supposedly won’t top out until 118 mph. I’ve suddenly forgotten every reason I thought I needed a supercharger in a 4WD (they were all dumb anyway). Three liters folks, absolutely incredible.

Off-road Ram 1500 RHO truck jumping over sand dunes
2025 Ram 1500 RHO | Stellantis

Compare that with the F-150 Raptor R’s 720 horsepower and 640 lb-ft of torque, and it begins to look like a bargain. Ram advertises that at $129.60/horsepower, the RHO gives you the most bang for your buck in this frankly absurd segment. But it’s true, it offers 3/4 as much power as the Raptor R at just a bit more than 1/2 the price.

While that V8 Raptor starts at $111k and the current Ram 1500 TRX will set you back $98,335, the Ram 1500 RHO will start at $69,000 (Nice). I know that sounds like a lot, but it’s on par with the Toyota Tundra TRD Pro, which is now conspicuously lacking long-travel suspension or 35-inch tires.

This MSRP brings super truck prices back down slightly below the stratosphere. I wouldn’t say they are accessible to the everyman (or everywoman, Ram is the most popular truck brand with women, btw). It almost makes me forgive Ram’s $1,995 destination fee.