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Range anxiety and road trips can cause people to feel skeptical about electric vehicles. But one Tesla Cybertruck owner decided to jump in with a 1,340-mile road trip. Due to not living up to its range, the Tesla Cybertruck trip took much longer than expected. 

How much range does the Tesla Cybertruck have? 

The Tesla Cybertruck Foundation Series with AWD has an estimated 320 miles of range on a single charge. However, Dennis Wang tested this with a 1,340-mile road trip from Austin Texas to Joshua Trees National Park in California. 

Wang documents the trip online to share with eager fans. While he found the truck to be extremely comfortable, he ran into a few hiccups with extra stops to charge and infotainment screen glitches. 

He shared that out of four other Tesla models he’s driven, it’s the most comfortable one he’s ever owned. But in terms of efficiency, it’s lacking range and he had to make several stops. 

It’s like the range was cut in half as he found himself stopping every 110 miles to charge. He stopped 12 times. Due to stopping every one to two hours, his trip went from 20 hours to 27. 

But he didn’t share how long he charged the truck at each stop. Charging an EV to 100% takes much longer than making it to 80%. 

In fact, the Tesla Cybertruck can be recharged from 20 to 80% in about 40 minutes with the use of a Supercharger. Also, 20 minutes of battery preconditioning before charging can provide faster results. 

But Wang complained that the Supercharges didn’t seem prepared for the larger size of the Cybertruck. Also, the charging cable is almost too short to reach the charging port. You need to back into the space to get as close as possible to the charger. 

During the trip, the infotainment screen turned black but still seemed functional. This was 12 hours into the 27-hour adventure. He had to use the Tesla phone app to control a few features because the system wouldn’t reset. 

When he arrived at his final location, the screen lit up before turning off. It’s unclear if the problem has been corrected. 

While charging took up more time than expected and the infotainment system disappeared, at least the trip was comfortable.