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One of the biggest reasons people avoid electric vehicles is due to range anxiety. Now the Tesla Cyrbertruck isn’t helping as it comes up short during range tests. Let’s see how much range the Tesla Cybertruck actually has.

How much range does the Tesla Cybertruck have?

The Tesla Cybertruck at a charging station
Tesla Cybertruck | Tesla

According to estimates by Tesla, the Tesla Cybertruck has a range of up to 320 miles on a single charge. This includes models with AWD. Tesla did claim that the truck would have at least 500 miles of range but came up short.

Soon, Tesla will provide a range extender to help the Cybertruck reach 500 miles. But it could weigh 600 lb, take up a third of the truck bed, and cost $16,000.

Anyways, 320 miles of range is a solid start. The Ford F-150 Lightning also has up to 320 miles of range and the Rivian R1T has an EPA-estimated 410 miles of range.

But a recent range test showed that the Cybertruck might not make it to 340 miles. A man named Kyle Conner live-streamed a Cybetruck range test around Texas.

He started with 100% charge and traveled on Texas interstates at about 70 mph until the juice ran out. When he got low, he traveled to a mall parking lot and looped around a charging station until the battery died.

During this unofficial range test, the Cybertruck only lasted for 254 miles, which is only about 79% of the advertised range, according to TechSpot.

But to achieve the best amount of range, it’s important to operate in peak conditions with a mild temperature. Cold weather and hot conditions can impact the range.

For example, you can lose 30% of range when temperatures are below freezing. However, it was 45 degrees out during the test.

Also, EPA estimates typically include a mix of highway and city driving. Going at a constant speed could lower to amount of energy regeneration.

Most people expected the Cybertruck to come up short during this test, but not 20% short. This is also concerning.

If 45 degrees is too cold for the Cybertruck then what happens when a real winter storm comes? How much range will the Cybertruck lose while the bed is loaded or while towing a trailer?

While the F-150 Lightning loses range at a rapid rate while towing, it typically aces range tests with more range than expected.

This is only one public example of the Cybertruck failing, so take it with a grain of salt. While the shortcomings are concerning, others could produce different results.