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There are a few people taking advantage of limited truck inventories to gain a profit. The Tesla Cybertruck could take a while to get if you go the legit route. However, you can pay extra for a Tesla Cybertuck that’s illegally being sold. 

Tesla Cybertruck models are being illegally sold 

You can skip the line for your Tesla Cybertruck by finding a shady owner in the shadows. While Tesla explicitly bans owners from selling their Cybertruck models for up to a year, some owners are throwing caution to the wind by listing them online. 

To be clear, Tesla bans selling the Cybertruck for up to one year from the original purchase date. However, you can get permission from Tesla to sell your truck under special circumstances. 

The trucks that are approved to sell have a confirmation from Tesla. But some models on Facebook marketplaces don’t include the confirmation to legally allow the transfer. 

Some models are going incredibly fast despite being illegal and incredibly high markups. According to Torque News, One Cybertruck instantly sold for $275,000.

It starts at $62,000, so that’s a $213,000 price increase. The top-spec Cyberbeast trim starts at $101,000, which is still much cheaper than $275,000. 

It’s unclear what happens if you illegally sell or purchase a Cybertruck on the secondhand market. But you don’t want Tesla’s lawyers coming after you. 

The Tesla Cybertruck at the Chicago Auto Show
Tesla Cybertruck | Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

Plus, what if Tesla figures out that you illegally purchased one? Do they have the capability to shut the truck down? 

We understand that Musk fans are tired of waiting, but they should take that up with Elon instead of getting desperate enough to purchase a truck illegally. 

The Cybertruck first appeared in 2019 but deliveries didn’t start until bout three months ago. Plus, the first model that’s being produced is the Foundation series, so waiting for the Cyberbeast or entry-level model will take much longer. 

Tesla is hoping to pump out 250,000 models by the end of 2024 but it’s not there yet and it’s almost sold out for the year. It could take years before your model legitimately arrives. 

If Tesla maintains the currency production rate of 50 models per day then it could take 30 years to fulfill every current order. But that’s if Elon Musk is being honest about the number of preorders it received. 

So the choice is yours. Gamble with an illegal sale or continue waiting.