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This is the epic saga of an even more epic EV feature often called the “tank turn,” and the automaker brave enough to bring it to market: Mercedes-Benz.

Rivian introduced the world’s first mass-produced electric pickup truck: the R1T at the end of 2021. It was also the first EV that came from the factory with four separate electric motors. Why all the trouble? Quad-motor drive. A fully specced Rivian can do what’s called “torque vectoring” and put more torque to its outside wheels to pull you through a corner. Early reviewers said the midsize truck drives more like a sports sedan.

Off road, torque vectoring opens up whole worlds of possibility. The vehicle can instantly react to wheel spin, switching to whatever tires have traction to push forward relentlessly. But the prototype trucks could do something else: by reversing the direction of the lefthand or righthand motors, the 4×4 could spin on a dime. Because tanks (and other two-track vehicles) vary individual track speeds to turn, Rivian nicknamed this awesome move “the tank turn.”

Rim of an electric Mercedes-benz g wagon
2025 Mercedes-Benz G580 EV | Mercedes-Benz

Obviously this maneuver destroys the terrain and on pavement it would chew up your tires. Despite all the benefits of having such a feature on an off-road trail, Rivian decided not to offer it to the public. But Mercedes is picking up where the startup left off.

Today, Mercedes revealed its G-Class 580, the first all-electric vehicle in the G Wagon’s long history. Thanks to its quad-motor, solid rear axle layout (I’m not 100% sure how that all fits, but I’m looking forward to the first cross sections to find out), it has unprecedented off-road capabilities. This thing can climb a 45 degree slope, drive along a 30 degree slope, and ford 25 inches of water. That puts the internal combustion version to shame.

electric Mercedes G Wagon climbing an obstacle off road
2025 Mercedes-Benz G580 EV | Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes didn’t stop there. It included a “G turn” feature. Press a button on the dash to reverse two motors and spin around in place. What’s more, you can enable “G steering” to skid the big SUV around tight corners by slowing or stopping one motor on one side.

Not only will the electric G Wagon have some dope party tricks, it will be able to navigate tighter off road trails than any other full-size vehicle.

Learn about Mercedes’ EQG concept SUV that pioneered this tech, or see a “G Turn” for yourself in the video below: