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The disturbing video has officially gone viral. A YouTuber pokes a carrot into the Cybertruck’s front trunk, pushes the button to close the lid, and watches in shock as the automated “frunk” snaps the carrot in half. Watching the video, we all think What if that was my finger? The Cybertruck would snap it right off! In a more recent video, a Russian luxury car dealership had the perfect response (embedded below).

In this later video, a suited car salesman walks around the showroom with a carrot, and a softer cucumber. He runs the same test on every SUV to demonstrate which ones will slam shut willy-nilly, despite the obstacle. And to show just how much force they close with. Here are the results.

The Mercedes-Benz GLS450 detected the obstacles and swung back open, but not after putting a good sized crack in the carrot.

The BMW X7 cracked the carrot in half, then swung back open with a beep. For some reason, it didn’t get to the cucumber, perhaps because the salesman was holding it below the carrot.

The Toyota Highlander had a pretty good response time. It pinched the vegetables, and tilted them upward enough that the salesman had to step forward. But it didn’t break either, and swung back up when it detected them.

The Kia Carnival was the best of the lot. It barely kissed the carrot and cucumber, stopping and opening again as soon as it detected them.

Tesla Cybertruck closeup
Tesla Cybertruck | Photo by Costfoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images

That said, all of them did better than the Cybertruck. Not only did the Tesla Cybertruck’s frunk lid snap both vegetables in half, but it didn’t seem to detect an obstacle. It latched itself with the amputated bits of vegetable stuck inside the sill. I will note that other Cybertruck owners have demonstrated the frunk won’t close on large objects such as a whole arm.

But that’s not the only dangerous thing about the Cybertruck’s frunk. When my colleague Allison Barfield went to review a Tesla Cybertruck in person she cut her hand on the bare metal edge of the open frunk.

Read Allison’s account of why the quickly-rusting Cybetruck’s sharp edges are especially dangerous. Or you can see the carrot test video embedded below:

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