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I’m all for automotive enthusiasts broadcasting what cars make their heart beat a little faster. Whether we’re talking a factory race team hat or a tattoo remembering your first car, this is a nice wholesome part of yourself to share with the world. And maybe you’ll attract some like-minded fans in the process.

So theoretically I should be all for “Manly Bands” latest line: rings officially licensed by Jeep. But I have mixed feelings. Maybe it’s because I always joke jewelry only looks “manly” if it appears you might have made it yourself. Or maybe it’s because for the price of some of the ‘Manly Bands’ Jeep rings you could buy a used winch.

I’ll admit that some of these designs are pretty cool. The “Trail Rated’ just stretches Jeeps recognizable emblem into a ring. And at $446, it costs more than an off-road front bumper. Meh. But “The Legend” features a metal cutout of the iconic seven-slat grille over genuine Redwood wood. That’s dope. But it also runs you $431.

A black ring shaped like a rubber off-roading tire tread.
The Rock Crawler Jeep ring | Manly Bands

“The Moab” and “The Rubicon” pay homage to iconic locations central to the Jeep brand. And they do it in the coolest way. They incorporate rock from those locations: Moab red rock and white granite. That’s a pretty cool way to commemorate a trip to one of these places. But at $581, “The Moab” costs as much as a JEGS replacement soft top. And at $746, “The Rubicon” costs as much as seven tanks of gas at San Francisco prices–that’s enough fuel for 10 roundtrips from SF to the actual Rubicon trail.

My favorite ring in this line is definitely “The Rock Crawler” which just looks like a rubber tire, complete with knobby off-road tread. It’s motorhead cool and tells everyone you off-road. Of course its $371 price tag is equal to an actual Goodyear Wrangler. So maybe I’ll spend $2 on the Wish knockoff version and keep saving up for new tires.

You can see the entire lineup in Manly Bands promo video below: