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A viral TikTok trend makes some good-hearted fun of Toyota TRD Pro SUV drivers. And in their defense, most of these Toyota owners are hopping on the trend and poking fun at themselves. Here’s the scoop:

The Toyota Racing Development (TRD) Pro trim level is Toyota’s top off-roading trim. You can get a range of TRD vehicles, from pickup trucks to SUVs such as the Sequoia and 4Runner. One of the signature aspects of the TRD Pro SUVs is its factory-mounted roof rack.

What’s more, many aftermarket companies build a matching ladder you can install on the back of your 4Runner TRD Pro. If you install a rooftop tent and a lift kit, you’ll be hard pressed to get to your bed without a ladder. Or if you secure large items on the roof rack, the ladder will make it much easier to retrieve them.

Toyota 4Runner owner climbs a ladder to the top of their SUV
Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro | Front Runner

If you aren’t familiar with off-road accessories, the ladder on the back of a car can seem a bit odd. Some would even call it a laughable flex.

As far as I can tell, the “widdle wadder” trend started when an automotive photographer who goes by the TikTok handle “Motionz” saw a Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro in a parking lot, turned on his camera and filmed a hilarious monologue:

“Awww, you got your widdle wadder? You got your widdle wadder on your TRD Pro? Hmmm? Gonna, gonna use dat widdy bitty wadder in case it gets wain? You know? In case you drive into the wiver? You can cwimb up your widdle wadder to the top of your woof? Hmmm? Of your TRD Pro?”

Eventually the commenter breaks character and says, “Nah, just kidding. Cool car bro.”

The video was so popular on TikTok that it got 3.7 million views. But the audio was even more popular. On TikTok, you can select an audio track and film your own video to it. So other TikTokers bookmarked Motionz’s video. Then when they encountered a TRD Pro–or any off-roader with a roof rack ladder–they recorded a video set to the sound of Motionz’s voice.

TRD Pro owners, and fans of other 4WD Toyotas, also got a kick out of the audio. Hundreds of drivers of 4Runner TRD Pros with ladders filmed a video of their own SUV set to the funny audio. Some Tacoma owners, not wanting te be left out, even 3D-printed a truly tiny ladder to hang off the bed of their truck so they could make their own “widdle wadder” video. In the video below a 4Runner owner films the installation of an aftermarket roof rack and ladder and, of course, sets the video to the “widdle wadder” audio.

Goldwater Brewing Company, based in Arizona, knows its buyers well. Off-roaders love camping. And campers love beer. And if you can afford a TRD Pro Toyota, you can probably afford a craft brew.

So when Goldwater was brainstorming a name for its new wit bier, it knew “Wittle Wadder” would be perfect.

The limited-edition canned beer’s label reads: “Climb up your widdle wadder to the top of your woof and enjoy this new Wit Bier brewed with Orange Peel & Coriander! In the wain, or in the wiver, this beer will take you to where you wanna be!”

When Goldwater filmed a release video for the new beer, you know exactly what audio they used:


You never know when you’re gonna need a Wittle Wadder. We brought this one back for all you #TRDPro fanatics out there. This 5% Wit Bier is brewed with Orange Peel and Coriander, easy drinking and refreshing with that classic Belgian wit yeast flavor. All 3 locations still have a few 4pks left and it is also available on draft! PWE-ORDERS of Shirts and Stickers are now live on our website! ????

♬ original sound – Goldwater Brewing Co

Considering that Goldwater has had multiple batches of “Wittle Wadder” sell out, I think the marketing choice has been a wild success.

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