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Many Tesla fans were delighted to hear that the long-in-the-tooth Tesla Model 3 would get an update for the 2024 model year. However, interior and exterior improvements aren’t enough to escape critique. In fact, Doug DeMuro, the popular YouTuber and owner of Cars & Bids, called the 2024 Tesla Model 3 the “greatest appliance ever.” While that seems a bit reductionist and perhaps harsh, it’s not the worst description of the electric vehicle’s (EV’s) appeal. 

Doug DeMuro isn’t in love with the facelifted 2024 Tesla Model 3

Doug DeMuro has a serious tenure as a car reviewer. The 35-year-old YouTuber and writer has reviewed everything from bleeding-edge hypercars to classic Porsches, to sensible EVs. Moreover, DeMuro isn’t always overly complimentary of his review cars. Enter the 2024 Tesla Model 3, the latest development in the nameplate’s evolution. 

“Just a really good appliance commuter car.” That’s what Doug DeMuro said about the new “Highland” Model 3. “It does that even better than before.” That might seem like DeMuro is commending the Model 3, and it is. But it’s a double-edged sword. Sure, the Model 3 promises one of the best battery-powered commuter packages on the road. But to an enthusiast like DeMuro, the Model 3 is a bit, well, soulless. 

Doug DeMuro reviews a 2024 Tesla Model 3.
Doug DeMuro reviews a 2024 Tesla Model 3 | Doug DeMuro, YouTube

“It’s not a car that arouses your passions,” DeMuro said about the clinically minimalist interior and driving experiences. “But it is a great car for its intended purpose: making commuting as easy, simple, and pain-free as possible.” He compared the Model 3’s role in your life to that of a “dishwasher or microwave.” It’s “the best tool for the job,” DeMuro said of the most affordable Tesla EV. 

It earned a segment-leading “Daily Score,” referring to its applicability as a utilitarian ride to conquer your weekly tasks. Specifically, the new Model 3 earned a 38 out of a possible 50, leading all other electric vehicles in his test group. However, DeMuro gave the Model 3 a much lower 25 out of 50 for a “Weekend Score.” We wouldn’t expect any less, as he called the car “mind-numbingly boring.” Check out the full review below for DeMuro’s complete thoughts on the new Model 3.