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Tesla began deliveries of its electric Cybertruck late in 2023. Early adopters have been plagued by issues the startup is still ironing out. From getting a “Coming Soon” error message when activating the differential lock, to the first full recall over a faulty accelerator pedal causing runaway trucks. A Cybertruck owner discovered not one, but two more critical issues when he tried to take his electric pickup through the carwash. (Video embedded below).

Ad is a TikTok user who has been documenting his experience owning an early Cybertruck. In March 2024, he took his Cybertruck and dogs to the beach to film some prime content. On the way home, Ad decided to stop by the carwash. When he saw sand in the bed, he actually rolled up the tonneau cover and hosed out the bed too.

All seemed well until Ad got home and parked his truck in his garage. Then the infotainment screen went dead. The ever-resourceful Tesla owner already knew the screen reset shortcut is holding down two steering wheel buttons. So he triggered the procedure. Instead of seeing the screen reset, Ad just heard a loud electrical “Pop.”

Normally, you’ll see the Tesla logo come up within seconds as the infotainment system reboots. But Ad watched it for a few minutes and saw nothing. The truck still seemed operational, but Ad didn’t feel comfortable driving screenless. Without its screen, the Cybertruck doesn’t have a speedometer, HVAC controls, or a rearview mirror.

Metal Tesla Cybertruck parked on a pavement lot.
Tesla Cybertruck | Somalia Veteran via Unsplash

The internet is torn on this issue. Buried in the Cybertruck’s user manual is a warning to enter “carwash mode” before washing it. This seals up the truck, even sealing the charging port. Honestly, I think this is a great feature. But Tesla should do a better job educating owners. In addition, other owners have found that waterproof modes, such as the river-fording “wade mode” are not working. At least one owner found electronic components broke, even after using his truck as intended.

Ad discovered his second issue when he woke up in the morning and found his Cybertruck’s screen back online. This seems like good news, right? When he recalled Tesla’s service line, he was told that resetting the Cybertruck’s screen takes five hours. No, that’s not a typo.

Why in the world could this problem take five hours? All I can think is the Cybertruck takes the opportunity to download and install a full software update. Tesla called it a “known issue” and assured Ad it is being addressed. But in the meantime, any minor touchscreen malfunction could leave you stranded for half of a day.

Next, read why Tesla warns owners to clean bird poop and dead bugs off the Cybertruck immediately, or see Ad’s TikTok video yourself, embedded below:

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