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There’s a new truck delay to be frustrated about. Tesla Cybertruck models are piling up because deliveries have been temporarily halted. Before these trucks can be delivered, the Tesla Cybertruck accelerator pedal problems must be solved.

What are the Tesla Cybertruck accelerator pedal problems?

The Tesla Cybertruck accelerator pedal problems are related to potentially deadly faults that have caused hundreds of Cybertruck delivery appointments to be canceled. Deliveries have been paused until April 20, due to unexpected delays.

What are the unexpected delays? Well, the Cybertruck accelerator pedal cover can easily slip off. This makes it slippery and hard to control. The pedal has a serious design flaw because it doesn’t have any fasteners.

It has resulted in unintended acceleration that may increase the risk of accidents and injuries. Also, this problem can cause the accelerator pedal to get stuck behind another trim piece.

This may lead to unintentional acceleration or cause the truck to get stuck while accelerating at high speeds.

The Tesla Cybertruck accelerator pedal
Tesla Cybertruck accelerator pedal | GreggorTruck – X

This problem may be related to newer models, which is why there are roughly 600 trucks parked outside of the production facility in Austin, Texas.

Reportedly, the assembly process was recently changed. Therefore, Tesla isn’t telling current owners to stop driving the Cybertuck.

But Tesla also doesn’t know the cause of the problem. Critics point to a cheap and simple design. As Tesla tries to find the root of the issue, people wonder if a recall will be issued.

Tesla historically avoids recalls unless it can fix the problem with a software update. However, the Tesla Cybertruck accelerator pedal problems may need a physical remedy such as replacing the unit.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is aware of the problem and has received complaints. But an official investigation hasn’t launched an investigation yet.

This should relieve some pressure on Tesla by helping to prevent a recall for the time being. At least the NHSTA is in communication with Tesla to find out more information.

Recently, a Cybertruck model hit the ionic Beverly Hills sign around 2:30 AM. The wreck was potentially caused by the accelerator pedal problem, but the official cause hasn’t been determined.

There’s only a few more days until April 20. Stay tuned to see if this issue has been corrected by then.