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This isn’t exactly a surprise. The Tesla Cybertruck is having a rough rollout, as many new vehicles do. Drivers have been discovering plenty of issues. Now owners are struggling with Tesla Cybertruck Critical Error messages.

Tesla Cybertruck critical error messages plague owners

One Tesla Cybertruck owner received about 25 critical error messages within 48 hours of ownership. This doesn’t promote the most confidence with new trucks.

Carlos Thomas felt overwhelmed with a long list of critical error messages on his dash, including one for steering failure and issues with the high-voltage system.

Another owner got the critical steering error message while their Cybertruck was parked in their garage.

The Cybertruck flashed a ‘Loss of redundancy’ message and explained that the driver couldn’t shift out of the park because the steering, propulsion system, and braking could lose electrical power.

A third owner got the ‘Loss of redundancy’ message with warnings about the adaptive ride control, traction control, stability control, lane departure avoidance, and other systems that have degraded.

Reportedly, Tesla is getting ready for its first physical Cybertruck recall. An issue could be related to the rear steering actuator.

The Tesla Cybertruck off-roading in sand
Tesla Cybertruck

Newer models have an updated rear steering actuator already, but older models with these concerning critical error messages do not.

The actuator can be updated to decrease its turning radius which is being referred to as a non-safety-related repair and requires a hardware update. As a result, the turning radius will be tighter.

The first Cybertruck recall was related to the font size on the infotainment system. The font was too small to read error messages about things like steering failure. This problem was corrected for free with an over-the-air update.

Also, the ire covers were found to be digging into the tires, causing abnormal wear. The Cybertruck stopped being delivered with them until the covers were redesigned.

It seems like there should have been a recall for this, but I’ll send positive vibes to owners with torn-up tires.

The steering actuator could be related to the critical error messages. People have taken their Cybertruck models in for service without news to report at the moment.

Due to the low amount of Cybertrucks on the road, there are very few reports of issues, but the situation may change as more models are delivered.