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In light of complaints that Tesla Cybertruck drivers are experiencing a scary phenomenon while operating the EV, one clip clearly shows what’s going on. TikTok user el.chapito1985 posted a video of how his Tesla Cybertruck’s accelerator pedal got stuck at full throttle. His video is embedded below.

TikTok explains one Cybertruck driver’s accelerator pedal issue

The TikToker explains that while driving his CT, the accelerator pedal cover came loose from its base. Since his foot was on the pedal when this happened, the long, thin cover slipped up and under the edge of the hilly floorboard. This jammed the pedal in place and held the accelerator down completely.

The driver says that the next few moments were quite scary. “I was lucky. I had a clear mind, didn’t panic. Holding the brake down overrides the pedal, so I was able to stop the car,” he explains. However, since the pedal was stuck, anytime he’d lift up off the brake, the car would start accelerating.

The EV truck can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 2.6 seconds, so you can imagine the possible dangers here. The driver was ultimately able to put the truck in park.

“At first I thought the pedal was broken,” he said. It was then that he realized the pedal cover was wedged into the floorboard. “For someone that panics, that could be pretty dangerous. Crazy.”

A Tesla Cybertruck EV pickup is shown driving fast at night in an urban setting
Brandon Woyshnis via iStock

Cybertruck deliveries reportedly paused as Telsa layoff chatter surfaces

The video was posted on April 14th, around the same time Tesla allegedly paused Cyertruck deliveries due to this issue. Responses to another X post show customers sharing their own experiences with the pedal problem. Others confirmed their CT delivery was indeed delayed.

As of this writing, the NHTSA page for the 2024 Tesla Cybertruck shows no investigations or recalls on the matter, but we assume communications are incoming.

This isn’t the only negativity surrounding Tesla this week. Today, news of a Tesla layoff surfaced that will allegedly affect 10% of its global staff. The layoff is rumored to be connected to cooling sales.