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This week, a group of video creators under the YouTube channel Cyber Hooligan posted a video of a pickup truck tug-of-war. They strapped a tow rope around the hitches of a Telsa Cybertruck and a diesel Chevrolet Silverado. The CT didn’t fair so well.

I’ll first say that the video [embedded below] has some questionable elements. The comments section seems to agree. Despite the video’s, er, gaps and holes, the Cybertruck indeed fails to operate during the tug-of-war.

A Tesla Cybertruck rear bumer with hitch and license plate in close view
Tesla Cybertruck hitch | Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images

At 4:30, the tug-of-war begins in earnest. The two drivers gun the engines, and the Cybertruck shuts off and gets dragged backward with little resistance. The videographer is surprised, exclaiming, “Seriously?!”

The team suspects that the CT’s traction control senses something unnatural is happening and kills power. They can’t figure out how to turn off the trac control using Tesla’s touchscreen. Instead, they hop under the truck and unplug the ABS sensor.

The Cybertruck can finally pull the Silverado backward when its opponent is in park without occupants. We’re still unsure why that particular test mattered, but maybe it was meant to prove that the CT could actually pull the Silverado in general.

The crew seemed pretty keen on breaking the trucks. Comments are lighting up about the vehicle weight differences, tow strap method, and other qualms. We don’t object.