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An X account used to share vial media has reposted an alarming video filmed by a tow truck driver. The post now has over 4.2 million views, and it’s starting conversations about how dangerous towing on the highway can get.

The driver is working to hook and winch a Dodge pickup onto his flatbed. The Dodge and the flatbed are parked on the shoulder, but there’s barely any breathing space between the divider, the trucks, and passing traffic. He warily works while other cars on the freeway zip by in close proximity.

The tow truck operator waves several times, indicating oncoming drivers to slow down and move over. Many don’t and whip past. The video caption reads, “No one cares.”

Many commenters on the vid show sympathy for the driver and the passing cars. These heavy traffic highway situations are tough for everyone. The driver has to move as fast as possible and constantly be on the lookout for cars that might clip him or flat-out run into the sidelined vehicles. Oncoming traffic has to quickly pivot or slow down, behaviors that can cause an accident.

While the minute-long video certainly highlights the dangerous work tow truck drivers face daily, critics took to the comment section.

One X user pointed out that tow trucks have controls on both sides of the flatbed for these exact circumstances. The controls on either side help tow truck drivers perform their work in nearly any situation. This poses the question of why the driver wasn’t operating the winch from the other side.

Another commenter wondered why the driver didn’t put out cones, flares, or any other road sign that would indicate the stranded car ahead. However, the driver is wearing a high visibility vest, and the Dodge’s hazards are going full blast. We can’t see them, but might assume the tow truck lights are flashing as well.

In any case, we should all understand that freeways aren’t for high-speed travel without regard for possible obstacles or interruptions to smooth flow. Distracted driving is unarguably a huge issue these days; best to stay alert and considerate.