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FedEx delivery truck driver Joe Engel was on his regular route, dropping boxes all over his region as usual. After grabbing one particular box, he went to deliver it at a beachside door and saw an unusual note posted. After reading it, he hurried around to the back of the house and down to the water’s edge.

A FedEx delivery truck driving on paved road left rear side angle view blue sky puffy clouds in background left of center
FedEx delivery truck | Sundry Photography via iStock

His mission: to save a wedding. The note had been posted by the bride, Savannah Perkins.

The bride and groom had been waiting for a delayed package. It contained their wedding rings. 

“I kept following the notifications for delivery, and it said it wasn’t gonna be there until 4:30,” Perkins recalled to WECT News. “Last minute, before we were walking on the beach, our photographer said, ‘Hey, let’s put a sign on the door just in case.’”

Perkins did just that, and Joe Engel arrived shortly after.

“So I read the note, and it says they were actually having their wedding ceremony on the beach, and I have the rings,” Joe said. “So, immediately, I was like, I have to get these rings to the beach.”

The ceremony had already begun. The driver, box in hand, ran to the gathered crowd.

“They said, ‘Oh my goodness, it’s the FedEx guy,’ and you heard the excitement from everyone,” Joe recalls. “The bride, of all people, is the one that leaves the altar and starts running towards me to go get the rings.”

The series of events led to a special FedEx advertisement called “Tall Tales of True Deliveries” [watch below].

While the wedding was several years ago, the FedEx driver and couple have remained friends. 

“To make that day more memorable for them means the world to me. We’re friends. We talk all the time,” Joe said.