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There is division on the idea of using an all-electric car full-time. Much of this has to do with EV charging, but those who live in apartments find this especially challenging due to the lack of an EV home charger. However, some complexes have EV chargers, and it seems more may be adding the amenity, which would mean apartment residents wouldn’t have to rely on public chargers as much. 

EV home chargers are rare at apartments

According to the latest statistics, about 20% of American drivers live in some form of apartments. Unfortunately, this makes the full-time use of an all-electric car inconvenient for much of the nation’s population. According to Governing Magazine, less than 5% of apartment complexes offer EV home chargers. This makes EV charging much less stable. 

People with an all-electric car prefer a home charger
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The industry predicts demand for all types of EVs will go up, so apartment complexes are finding ways to remain competitive as more potential residents inquire about home EV chargers at apartment complexes. To do this, some realty firms are partnering with EV charging service providers. The benefit is that the company installs and maintains the EV chargers. 

This decreases installation costs and ensures that the staff members aren’t responsible for the upkeep. One such company that specializes in installing charging stations for people with an all-electric car in apartment complexes is EnviroSpark. So far, EnviroSpark has installed more than 7,000 chargers spread out over about 28 states. 

Not having access to a home EV charger is a huge barrier to owning an all-electric car

According to the Department of Energy, about 80 percent of people with an all-electric car charge at home. This is because charging your EV at home is more convenient, as charging a car takes a while. The process isn’t like going to a gas pump and filling up. In fact, it takes an average of 4 to 10 hours to charge an all-electric car with a level two charger. The type of car also makes a difference.

Of course, PHEV models can also use the chargers these EV charging service providers would install. However, people who elect to get an all-electric car are the ones who need them the most. Many see this as one of the next phases of evolution before more drivers can trust EVs, as most people prefer to charge at home. However, only time will tell how much EV demand increases as it has slowed in recent years.