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Toyota’s leadership has voiced desire to avoid entering the EV market for some time. In America, the only fully electric vehicle is the bZ4X, which is an electric crossover that checks a box for the brand. Although Toyota seems mostly against EVs, the brand is taking a big medicine pill by adding two new EVs to its Chinese offering.

Start with the largest and most competitive market

We like to think of America as the leading market in every aspect, but that’s not the case. The Chinese market has embraced electric vehicles for the past few years, forcing automakers to sell increasingly more EVs yearly. This has led non-China automakers to develop vehicles specifically for this market, and Toyota is the next to do so.

Toyota unveiled the new bZ3C and bZ3X at the Beijing Auto Show. The bZ3 has already been produced by Toyota and sold in a few markets, but not in America. Although Toyota put these two new models on the show floor, the company didn’t offer any specs, pricing, or release dates for these new electric vehicles.

Both new Toyota EVs include Chinese partners

In order to answer the question posed by Toyota Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Hiroki Nakajima, “What kind of BEV would bring smiles to the faces of our Chinese customers?” both models include China-based partners in their creation.

Toyota bZ3C new Toyota EV headed to the Chinese market.
Toyota bZ3C | Toyota

Toyota bZ3C

The new bZ3C comes from Toyota’s partnership with BYD, one of the largest and most popular electric-vehicle brands in China. This design brings a bit of a reboot to the Toyota EV market with a “dynamic distinctively styled crossover BEV that focuses on features that create a fun personal space for younger Generation Z customers.”

This new model is a sedan-like, sporty crossover. It should sit high but has a low roofline and extended rear that tapers to a fastback finish. This could be the Toyota EV that entices younger buyers to see what it offers.

Toyota bZ3X new Toyota EV SUV that will go to China.
Toyota bZ3X | Toyota

Toyota bZ3X

The new b3X is Toyota’s next electric crossover. Toyota is developing this electric SUV in partnership with GAC. It will be a “family-oriented SUV-type BEV with a large interior space based on the concept of providing a mobile Cozy Home.” This new crossover could be ideal for larger families that want a great vehicle for their road trips.

Will these Toyota EVs make it to America?

The Chinese market is the perfect place for automakers to test their EVs. This competitive marketenables them to and learn more about how successful they can be and which features customers desire. Will these two Toyota EVs make it to America? Without specs, pricing, or release dates, expecting the bZ3C or bZ3X to journey to America is asking a lot.

Source: ArenaEV