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Brand loyalty is important to automakers. Consumers who aren’t pleased with a car marque are that much less likely to buy their next vehicle from that brand. Well, some of the latest owner satisfaction data is in, and BMW Group has something to celebrate. BMW and MINI took top spots along with Porsche, a Volkswagen Group brand. What’s more, the three brands out-scored the American EV giant Tesla. 

BMW, Porsche, and MINI owners had higher brand loyalty scores than Tesla, Genesis, and Lexus in 2024 so far

BMW and MINI, both brands under the BMW Group umbrella, took the No. 3 and No. 2 spots regarding brand loyalty. Specifically, MINI, the brand behind the retro hatchbacks, earned 77% out of a possible 100%, per the Consumer Reports owner satisfaction survey. Just behind MINI, 76% of BMW and Porsche owners said they would buy from the brand again.

Interestingly, the three marques boast higher brand loyalty figures than the American electric car maker Tesla. 74% of Tesla owners reported that they would buy another of the brand’s EVs. However, the Consumer Reports metrics aren’t industry-leading like they were in 2023 from a different source. 

According to Tesmanian, the electric car marque had a 68.4% brand loyalty rate in the first half of 2023. That’s 17.8% over the industry average of 50.8% during the same timeframe. Those percentages are courtesy of S&P Global Mobility, an automotive data collector.

A pair of Tesla Model 3 EVs drive on a snowy highway.
A pair of 2024 Tesla Model 3 EVs | Tesla

Interestingly enough, Elon Musk’s electric automaker’s 74% brand loyalty rating with the Consumer Reports-generated data is 5.6% more than the industry-leading score the company received with the S&P Global Mobility data. However, the higher overall owner satisfaction metrics weren’t enough to topple BMW, Porsche, or MINI. What’s more, it’s a far cry from the 86% of Rivian owners who say they’d buy from the brand again.