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A 2024 Tesla Cyberbeast Foundation Series has hit the auction block and has already racked up a $231,000 bid. The Cybertruck was recently delivered to its original owner and has only 50 miles on the odometer. This is the first publicly auctioned Tesla Cyberbeast without a reserve.

The truck is a tri-motor AWD electric pickup weighing just under 7,000 lbs. Its estimated range is up to 340 miles. It touts an eyebrow-raising 834 horsepower. Then add its stainless steel body, which has been the subject of much controversial discourse since its release. Certainly, the CT has been a sensational disrupter in the EV truck market.

Before upgrades, the retail price of the Foundation Series is $99,999. The tri-motor Cyberbeast version ticks up to about $120,000. The listing reflects 94 bids so far and ends at 2:00 pm ET on Tuesday, April 9. The results will show closely watching enthusiasts what sort of public-facing resale value the Tesla EV trucks garner.

A Tesla Cybertruck shown turning right part a traffic light in right rear angle view
Gado/Getty Images

The “seller type” is listed as a dealer on the Sotheby’s Motorsport Cybertruck auction card. Cars & Bids recently featured a privately owned Cyberbeast Foundation Series. However, the CT failed to hit reserve and thus didn’t sell. That auction closed on March 22nd with the highest bid at $158,000.

Other Cyberbeasts have been privately flipped already. But, the original owners have to get permission to resell from Tesla. Otherwise, they risk a hefty fine, profit-sharing with the automaker, or blacklisting from future reservations. These policies are part of Tesla’s “no-flipping” clause. The agreement terms attempt to restrict quickfire resale behavior for a year after the CT’s initial purchase.

By and large, it will be interesting to see where this particular Cybertruck auction lands after this weekend.