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Last week, a Porsche dealership in Orlando, Florida, spent well over $200,000 to acquire a Tesla Cybertruck at a Manheim auction. Now, Porsche South Orlando has already listed the CT on its website for $289,000.

The 2024 Foundation Series is the limited 1,000-unit run released late last year. All 1,000 are the Cyberbeast trim, fully loaded with the tri-motor plus special badge etching. These EV trucks originally retailed at $120,000.

A Tesla Cybertruck is parked inside a mall in full left profile view
Tesla Cybertruck | VCG/VCG via Getty Images

This Cybertruck’s odometer reading is 69 miles. There are only 26 images of the CT on the listing. The specs and options boxes are blank. Perhaps they’re assuming the truck speaks for itself.

Currently, Tesla lists its EV pickup trims between $57,360 and $96,360. The Cyberbeast is the top-level trim.

A clause in Tesla’s ownership agreement surfaced last year. The terms prohibit reselling the Foundation Series for a full year. 

Tesla demands that the owner give the automaker the option to buy back the truck. If a resale is discovered, Tesla could fine the original owners $50,000 or the profit from the flip, whichever is greater. 

Tesla might also ban the original owner from buying new Teslas in the future.

Allegedly, Tesla installed the agreement terms to prevent flipping while they work to ramp production of all three trims fully.

The tactics clearly haven’t prevented these units from entering resale. Last week, it appeared Ford had acquired a Foundation Series through an auction as well. A CT was photographed at what was identified as Ford testing grounds in Detroit.

While considered a collector’s edition, a Foundation Series listing of more than $169,000 over retail is certainly a lot to ask. The listing was live on Porsche South Orlando at the time of publishing.

Source: Teslarati